Flash Season 2: Professor Harrison Wells finally meets The Flash

The Flash season 2 has been moving at a swift pace with few twists and turns. But the latest episode will leave you totally astonished and scream with joy. Well, I guess that’s a sign of a great show. The episode titled “The Fury of Firestorm” will make you think that it will be about finding a new match for Professor Martin Stein who is compatible with his molecular structure. But it was a small part of the episode, the major part of it contains shocking new developments. Here are 3 major revelations from the latest episode:

Professor Harrison Wells crosses path with The Flash:


Professor Wells was sighted yet again for a brief moment first inside Star Labs, then stealing a taser weopon from Mercury Labs and seen by its CEO. She reported it to Detective West and Patty Spivot who did’nt communicate this to Barry. But Prof. Harrison Wells of Earth-2 is no evil, he saved Flash from a giant Man-Shark.


Jax Jackson is the new Firestorm:


Professor Stein’s health continued to deteriorate further, Caitlin identified two people in Central city who could be potential firestorms. One of them was Dr. Henry Hewitt who was willing to be the match but was found incompatible. He turned rogue due to the side effects of a failed merger. Jax Jackson, a former high-school quarter back agreed to become Firestorm and merged perfectly with the professor.


Iris vs Francine:



Iris agreed to meet her mother who abandoned her long time ago, she came back to meet her, but Iris broke all her ties with her, asked her to go back. Her mother than revealed that she is dying as she is suffering from a rare disease, but Iris still walked out on her after finding out that she lied about having another son. Is he Wally West?


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