5 Ways to Skillfully Escape Awkward Social Situations

Have  you ever faced an instance where you are completely bewildered about the way to behave in the context?  Facing one or the other socially awkward situation is a part of the daily hassles.  This blog lists down few ways to skillfully and diplomatically deal with those socially awkward situations which help you escape embarrassment.

1) Oops! I don’t know how to use chopsticks!


Many a time, we sit in a formal setting for food and struggle with the chopsticks or fork or spoon to take a specific dish. Not a problem! Observe and find others who are facing the same struggle . Say, “No worries. God has given us two beautiful hands.” Then it turns on in your favour. Confidently use your hands to enjoy the dish along with a company.

2) Getting sandwiched between two conflicting groups


This happens regularly. You have a good connect with both the conflicting groups. Each group expects you to join them in hating the other, may be speaking badly about the other group. You end up in an utter confusion. You want to maintain good relations with both of them but retaliating may hamper from making this happen. One easy way is to clearly state that, “ It is all about opinions. I really accept your opinions but I carry the kind of different opinions . I love you all. No hard feelings for anyone. That is fair enough. Isn’t it?”

Everyone understands when you speak your heart out. Just that we fail to express ourselves appropriately usually.

3) Societal persuasions to do something which is against your wish are sometimes hard to resist!


“ Be a stud! Be a man! Grow up! Take a shot!”  Consuming alcohol is against your wishes. But societal pressures are too persuading. How to deny without letting down your self-esteem ? It is absolutely easy! Just be firm with your stand and state, “ Well, I have my own ethical standards and I am quite sorted with regard to my choices and opinions. And I personally don’t feel that drinking alcohol would make me a man. Rather, sticking to my principles would make me a real man.” Well , this can apply to any situation where you need to negate a request or inhibit yourself from getting persuaded.

4) You got a different choice,the one which is usually laughed at by people? Worry no more!


“Haha, you say you like old Hindi songs ? really!” Ever encountered such a situation ? quite often, isn’t it? You are critically analyzed for your choices. Your choices tend to reflect your status in the society. Now you don’t need to feel ashamed about your choices. Whenever questioned , be confident in putting forward your opinions and choices and say, “well,yeah! I like old Hindi songs. All about perceptions. My choice is just different from others. But that doesn’t mean it is bad. Every individual is distinct and it is quite obvious that we tend to differ.” And you don’t have to face embarrassment. Be happy!


5) My personality matters, my confidence counts.


“Hey! Is that a pimple? Eww! How do you deal with it?”. Two very harsh realities of life are:

a)You will be judged by people,no matter what.

b)You will be judged on the basis of your looks,come what may!

Being human beings it is quite obvious that we will feel low when commented on looks. It gets even worse when we are commented publicly about our looks. But the situation can be dealt with easily with the effective use of diplomacy. Try not to lose your confidence and say, “Physic is god given. I can’t really help it. I don’t have any voluntary control over it.

Personality is something which I can build on. I am working on my personality every single day. And I hope my personality can give a face-off to my looks.  So, I don’t have any problem dealing with my looks.” Every individual commenting would understand this claim because it is quite justified. Now breathe to your content! You amazingly escaped  embarrassment.

These are few ways in which you can skillfully escape socially awkward situations not letting yourself getting embarrassed. These are self-induced methods. You can find your own ways to deal with such instances. Hope it helps!

Isha Mohanty

ISHA MOHANTY is a music enthusiast. She pursues economics honours in LADY SHRI RAM COLLEGE FOR WOMEN,DELHI UNIVERSITY. She keenly observes the behavior of social beings and loves writing. She lives life over food.
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