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    5 Ways to Skillfully Escape Awkward Social Situations

    Have  you ever faced an instance where you are completely bewildered about the way to behave in the context?  Facing one or the other socially awkward situation is a part of the daily hassles.  This blog lists down few ways to skillfully and diplomatically deal with those socially awkward situations which help you escape embarrassment. 1) Oops! I don’t know…

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    5 Things That Happen To Socially Awkward People

      In this world, there are two kinds of people. The first kind can call up a pizza delivery joint at ease, order their pie of goodness, and even ask the employee for suggestions. They can bargain with the skill of seasoned debaters with auto-wallas or shopkeepers. The other kind however, would prefer to shrivel up and curl within themselves…

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