5 EPIC Fight Scenes From Your Favorite Marvel Superhero Movies

Superhero flicks are amazing, what makes them so are a lot of things but nothing more than their fight scenes. So here we bring you the top 5 fight scenes of Marvel films.


The Expressway scene in the 2015 R-rated flick also acts as the introduction scene, both to the film as well as to the character. With over the top violence, complemented with the character’s humor and 4th wall breaking moments, the scene is a delight, as it not only stays true to the character but also sets the temperature of the film.

Spider-Man 2

The train fight between Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man sure is one of the most thrilling scenes Marvel ever has had offered. The scene truly shows what Spider-Man’s character is like. Be it his relentless effort to save the citizens after Doc Ock rips out the brakes out of the speeding train even when that almost requires him to sacrifice himself, or be it the love of the citizens for him after finding out that he’s just a boy, all in all, the scene is a treat to the fans.

Captain America: Winter Soldier

The scene where the Winter Soldier attacks Black Widow, the Falcon and Captain America are even better than the climatic fight. The fight is close ranged and intimate, making it all the more fun, the cherry on top was Cap, in the end finding out that the Winter Soldier is no one other than his childhood friend, Bucky,


The battle of New York is probably one of the best battle sequences in the entire MCU history. It was the first time that our favorite superheroes came in together as a team to fight the alien invasion of the Chuitari. The camaraderie is phenomenal and so is the action packed sequence taking place all over Manhattan.

Airport Fight

This is undoubtedly ‘THE BEST’ that Marvel has come up with yet. Be it the quirky dialogues, or using each superhero’s powers to the best or be it the introduction of Spider-Man, or be it the dream come true moment, where heroes fight heroes, this fight was nothing less than perfect.

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