Chinese Diwali in India – MICRO YET MACRO CONCERN

In less than one and half months we will give China a good reason to cheer. Like every year, we will be celebrating Diwali amidst strings of Chinese lights, sounds of Indian crackers and the light of earthen lamps or to say in one way or another we will be celebrating Chinese Diwali in India. Very soon, the Chinese stuff will flood Indian market and we will be buying them. The  last year report  shows 45% hike in demand for Chinese  stuff in India for Diwali-A micro issue yet a macro issue ; a macro issue for the economy and nation.


Not only China, we are at the top of losing our resources to other countries too, be it brain drain or rupee drain. While I could satisfy my hunger with Sunfeast Yippie and Smith and Jones Noodles, I used to go for Maggi and needless to exaggerate the stir that this brand had created, the brand is an exaggeration in itself as we are desperately waiting for its wild card entry in the Indian market. Despite ,we have ample of options created by ‘made in India’, we  go for ‘made in China’, ‘made in Japan’ , ‘made in  UAE ‘ and list doesn’t ends up  here…We are pumping  into the exotic flood – flood of foreign brands and products in the Indian market because we think at a very micro level ;a level of just being a customer for whom prices, quality are the major concerns over rupee drain, to whom the handmade diyas and candles fascinate less than the strings of lights and earthen lamps made in China.. Why would it make us worried if we buy from other countries? But the fact is we are draining out a huge chunk of our currency across borders.

So, this Diwali why don’t we think of us as citizens rather than customers, why don’t  we dazzle our homes with hand-made diyas and candles, why don’t we purchase hand-made idols from local vendors rather than going for fancy idols, why can’t we think of going for crackers made in India rather than Cheap crackers from China? Why do not we think of paying for sweat of our countrymen for carving these items out? This diwali   move out of your comfort zones…Wake up, you will surely earn greater satisfaction of helping your nation out… Think of making a difference. Buy things made in India and help India!



Somya Seth

She delineate her self as a cordial being. Her first fidelity is reading. she loves flora and fauna and is crazy for beautiful destinations. She gets flawless efficacy from her mother. Her strength unites in her spirituality and family. She loves motherland by her heart and wants to explore entire India.
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