Somya Seth

Somya Seth

She delineate her self as a cordial being. Her first fidelity is reading. she loves flora and fauna and is crazy for beautiful destinations. She gets flawless efficacy from her mother. Her strength unites in her spirituality and family. She loves motherland by her heart and wants to explore entire India.
  • Oct- 2015 -
    26 October
    NewsPhoto of Are They Brand Names?

    Are They Brand Names?

      Asking my friend to google for a word made me think about how the success of  Google turned it into a verb, as it is a prominent part of our word-stock. Like Google, many brands position themselves so powerfully that their success have made them common household names. Band-Aid (owned by Johnson & Johnson) is today a generic term…

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  • 1 October
    NewsPhoto of Chinese Diwali in India – MICRO YET MACRO CONCERN

    Chinese Diwali in India – MICRO YET MACRO CONCERN

    In less than one and half months we will give China a good reason to cheer. Like every year, we will be celebrating Diwali amidst strings of Chinese lights, sounds of Indian crackers and the light of earthen lamps or to say in one way or another we will be celebrating Chinese Diwali in India. Very soon, the Chinese stuff…

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