Indian Brands At Par With the Globally Dominant Companies…

The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.” -Walt Disney.

Indian Business may be trapped in a myopic eyeball size perspective and perception  at one point of time, but contrariwise these days, they are doing a roaring trade with novelty and innovation, paving the path of most Indian brands and eyeing the goals which seemed to be impossible or unreachable or unrealistic once.
Reaffirming the fact , that Indian brands such as  Tata, headquartered in Mumbai, have held the ground in terms of reliability, consumer confidence and satisfaction for decades. The Tata group has been ranked as the most valuable Indian brand since 2013, followed by Airtel , State Bank of India and Reliance.
 Airtel, headquarted in New Delhi , operates in more than 20 countries and is the  “largest mobile operator in South Asia” and “the third  largest in the world with a 303 million subscriber base which is enough to demonstrate the heights Indian brands have attained.”
The best example according to me  is of Micromax , headquartered in Haryana, which aptly communicates its Tagline “Nothing like anything”  by the products it offers in the market within an operating  time span of just 5 years. It undeniably, has  gone streets ahead of Samsung to claim the largest Indian domestic mobile handsets company. A diamond in the rough, Micromax has polished itself to cater to the diversified needs of the Indian customers and expand globally therefrom. Viewing with appreciation, “On 24 January 2014, Micromax became the first Indian mobile company to start sales in Russia.”
The profits of Apple might have gone through the roof, but the Indian mobile manufacturing brands can not be demeaned at any cost.
However, a blind eye should also not turned on the big enchiladas such as Café  Coffee Day and the Indian Tobacco Company (ITC) which managed to capture their respective target  market.
By welcoming Starbucks in the Indian economy, we would not shut our eyes to the irresistible aromatic coffee and snacks at CCD which has its traces in Karachi, Vienna, Dubai and Prague as well.
Another unforgettable  milestone in Indian brands is Infosys , headquartered in Bengaluru , has  more than 800 clients across 50 countries including United States, China, Australia, Japan, Middle East and Europe. 
No doubt, Indian brands in their own respective areas of operation  are ahead of the pack and are shining as brightly as a startling visionary’s dream, stepping up a gear day in day out, probing into their weaknesses, redefining innovation and creating many success stories by emerging as the “WINNERS.”

Ruchika Bhatia

A student of commerce by choice ,she is an ardent admirer of Nature and loves contemplating on the mysterious stories it binds everything with . She would be worse off and as miserable as sin sans reading . Non- fiction fascinates her . For her ,Writing is a persuasion of her long cherished passion . Strong Believer of the maxim that a pen is mightier than a sword .Wishes to be globetrotter one day .
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