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    Indian Brands At Par With the Globally Dominant Companies…

    The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.” -Walt Disney. Indian Business may be trapped in a myopic eyeball size perspective and perception  at one point of time, but contrariwise these days, they are doing a roaring trade with novelty and innovation, paving the path of most Indian brands and eyeing the goals which seemed to be impossible…

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    3 Products/Brands We Need to do Away With.

    So, I’m this plump little cutie pie writing in the health section today because of an epiphany I had. While watching a nail biting season finale of ‘How to get away with Murder’ (all hail Viola Davis) and munching on Lays, I came across an advertisement of the so-called ‘diet biscuits’ by a leading Bollywood lady and I think to…

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