How Did Mike Ross Get Arrested?

Wow! Suits has certainly hit the right chord. Whatever the show-makers have touched this season has turned to gold. The latest season of Suits has set it leagues apart from the other contemporary shows in the Office Drama category. Like the other episodes in Season 5, the summer finale also didn’t disappoint the fans either. No one saw this coming.

Harvey’s past. Jessica’s past. Dr. Agard and Harvey. Mike’s past. All of them perfectly synced and the result was a beautiful and emotional episode. 90% of the Suitaholics would have gotten emotional after watching the Suits Season 5 Episode 10.

But we will discuss all the other things some other time. Let’s discuss what was totally unexpected. Yes, last 30 seconds, which went like this:

“”Michael Ross, you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud.

Mike Ross getting arrested was the most shocking moment in this season. When the storm in the lives of everyone at Pearson Specter Litt, had just subsided, this happened.

We saw how Mike couldn’t cope with his parents death in the past. He cried, and many would have cried after seeing him re-visit his books from childhood. Just as he decided to end his charade, he gets arrested.

Now how, why and who, got Mike Ross arrested?

Daniel Hardman
Daniel Hardman

The number one candidate could be Daniel Hardman. Hardman somehow dug up Mike’s secret and to get back at Harvey, he had Mike arrested. But that seems unlikely. It could be Hardman actually found out that Mike had signed the document from CM Motors (Season 2) found some evidence, and had him arrested. After all, it was  “conspiracy to commit fraud.”

The other person who could have Mike arrested was Claire Bowden. But Claire didn’t have sufficient motive to get him arrested. Could it be Trevor? Maybe/Maybe not.

Robert Zane never approved of Rachel’s marriage to Mike. It could be he played a bigger game.

Remember, how Mike and Harvey duped Sidwell and Tony Giannopoulos to stick it to Hardman? It could be that Hardman learned the truth and got one of them to turn on Mike. Now the next name, I am going to mention could make me the most hated person in Suits fan community.

I am talking about Donna. Yes, Donna. To make Harvey stay and save the firm, Donna could have had Mike arrested for something else. She wouldn’t have told the authorities about his secret, but something else. Though this is HIGHLY UNLIKELY!

There are so many people who could have Mike arrested. Harvey and Mike crossed off so many bad guy in the past. It is possible that one of them is back for revenge.

But,  as long as you’re wondering, in my personal opinion, Mike Ross didn’t get caught for his Law Degree and Practice. I am sure it will be something else. For now, Mike’s secret is safe. But for, how long?

As a Suits fan, I would request each one of you to place your comments below and tell, if you agree and which theory is very likely possible:

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