Here’s Why X-24 Was A Part of LOGAN And The Reason Will Blow Your Mind

In Logan, every part of the movie seemed to showcase the deterioration of the once glorious superhero. Whether it was his physical form, his heaving breathlessness when he ran or even his inability to read without his reading glasses, Logan was shown as being a very old man than we last saw him. The dramatic change was seen most prominently in his interactions with the Reavers and X-24.

X-24, an exact replication of Wolverine is both aggressive as he is strong.He does not hold back on Logan in their fights, not even for X-23. There was a reason for X-24 being in the film, and it’s not the reason you would expect. Scott Frank, the writer of Logan explained why X-24 was important to Logan in his interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The writer said:

 “It was an interesting thing — for him to be confronted with himself. It reminds him of what he once was. He was not a good guy. But we didn’t want to make a meal out of it. You have to be careful that that doesn’t become the concept through the whole movie, because then it does exactly the opposite of what we were trying to do.”

Wolverine is complicated, to term it simply. Having lived for more than a century, you would expect the character to have experienced some bad things, especially given his nature. X-24’s appearance was a reminder of his own chaotic past.

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And as Logan is a film that deals with the internal conflicts of the hero, this was a plot device to show just how much growth the character had evolved into.


X-24 was not a part of the Marvel comic world and was developed for the movie alone. The character was also just an example of what Wolverine could have been like if he had been a compliant soldier to Weapon X program.

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