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  • HollywoodCelebrity Couples Collective Net Worth

    Celebrity Power Couples With The Highest Collective Net Worth

    It is wonderful to experience compassion and understanding finding its way even at the workplace, because of which many celebrities of this content have collectively reached heights only a few could dream to reach. With molding one’s career and keeping one’s special love life, a secret becomes a very strenuous task especially when the entire world’s got free advice for…

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  • CelebsCelebrities Battling Their Chronic Illness

    10 Celebrities Who Opened Up About Battling Their Chronic Illness

    A celebrity may need to fight a lot of things behind the glitz and glamour we see. We often assume that a Hollywood celebrity’s life is flawless and full of glitters unlike ours which isn’t true. Chronic illness is defined as a medical condition that often stays with a person throughout their lifetime. Even though it isn’t necessary for an…

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  • CelebsCouples Eloped To Get Married Secretly

    10 Celebrity Couples Who Eloped To Get Married Secretly

    The world of show business is all about celebrating every facet of your life in a grand way. Without their lavish birthday bashes and picturesque weddings, our Instagram and YouTube would have no purpose. After all, making their every moment the public is not just a show-off but a PR strategy. Fans are eagerly waiting for them to bless their…

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  • Do You Follow Kim Kardashian? Answer These Questions And Find Out How Well Do You Know Her!

    Kim Kardashian is an American reality TV personality and a famous socialite. She first got noticed for being a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton and later got a wider attention when her sex tape with her then-boyfriend Ray J was leaked. Later, she and her family began to appear on E! reality TV series Keeping Up with the Kardashians and it became…

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  • 26 Most Controversial Images of Kim Kardashian Which Shook The Internet

    Kim Kardashian is one of the most controversial celebrity. She is no doubt a bombshell who wears everything with a complete confidence. Although she is not everyone’s favorite celebrity, Kim managed to appear everywhere from print to social media. Here’re  some of her most controversial images which broke the internet: 1. Sexyy! 2. Ohk! 3. OMG! 4. Not Cool! 5.…

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  • Celebs

    5 Reasons Why People Hate Kim Kardashian

    We tend to hate some people without reasons, may be it because of their attitude or sometimes something is wrong with them. Kim Kardashian is one of the most hated actresses in the Hollywood. Here are 5 facts why people hate her. 1) Her brief marriage to Kris Humphries In 2011, she married NBA player Kris Humphries in an ultra lavish…

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  • Butt Mystery: Kim Kardashian Gets Butt Injections ?

    Kim Kardashian, the wife of rapper Kanye West, repeatedly faces sexist scrutiny whether she has a fake butt or injected one. The 35-year old reality star, who is also one of the body-positive women, dismissed the rumour that she worn butt pads in one of her pictures. According to Huffington Post, Kim Kardashian on Monday admitted in a live stream on…

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