5 Reasons Why People Hate Kim Kardashian

We tend to hate some people without reasons, may be it because of their attitude or sometimes something is wrong with them. Kim Kardashian is one of the most hated actresses in the Hollywood. Here are 5 facts why people hate her.

1) Her brief marriage to Kris Humphries

In 2011, she married NBA player Kris Humphries in an ultra lavish ten-million-dollar wedding extravaganza. The ceremony was televised as a four-hour fairytale event with over four million viewers tuning in and a cool two million dollars for her troubles, then after just 72 days she filed a divorce case citing irreconcilable differences.

2) She produces an app that reportedly made over $85 Million

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In 2014, she launched an app called Kim Kardashian Hollywood burst. The premise behind the game is that you play a socialite hungry to become an a-list celebrity just. The more money she makes the more people hates her, but haters gonna hate.

3) She is a hypocrite when it comes to guns

To show how much she cares about a gun control Kim used all over social media savvy to encourage fans to fight for tougher gun restrictions, this campaign of her against the gun ruined when it was reported that Kim enjoys the occasional trip to the gun range to feel like GI jane. She also owns a revolver with a diamond encrusted handle.

4) She flaunts her child as a Fashion Accessory


Instead of shielding her infant daughter North West from paparazzi, Kim parades her around in an expensive designer. According to the insider, North rarely wears the same thing twice.

5) She released a Selfie Book

Kim Kardashian appears at Barnes & Noble for a book signing for her new book 'Selfish' in New York City Featuring: Kim Kardashian Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 05 May 2015 Credit: PNP/WENN.com

She is the undisputed queen of selfies. No surprise she released a coffee table book of self-portraits aptly titled “Selfish”, the 448-page masterpiece in narcissism features previously posted shots of camp ranging from glam shots and topless pics.

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