• BooksViolent Characters have A Soft Spot

    Violent Characters Who Actually Have A Soft Spot

    There are many characters that we know of who’ve had a troubled childhood which kind of impacts how they feel about life and how they in their perfect sense try to fit in. Growing up they never really anybody to look up to or to find an embrace in someone’s company, so how did they cope up with this absence?…

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  • Movies

    Breaking: Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Movie Has Cast Its Hawkman

    Black Adam Movie Cast Hawkman: The hierarchy of power within the DC Universe is about to change as Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will soon step in to take down every existing powerhouse. And he is going to prove that by constantly thrashing Hawkman. We were hoping to see some casting announcements at the DC FanDome, but Johnson just gave us…

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  • Tarzan Actor Reportedly Eyed for Hawkman in Black Adam

    Black Adam: Tarzan Actor Eyed for Hawkman One of the most anticipated DC films that is possibly going to arrive next year is none other than Black Adam. We’re really excited about the Black Adam panel at the DC FanDome event because it is set to come with a few surprises. These surprises have to be none other than the…

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  • MoviesBlack Adam Begin in 2020 & Hawkman Will Appear

    Black Adam Will Begin Production in 2020 & Hawkman Will Appear

    Black Adam Begin in 2020 & Hawkman Will Appear: 2020 is going to see at least 2 of DC’s big name projects go under production as James Gunn has to deliver The Suicide Squad and Matt Reeves has to deliver The Batman by 2021. There’s no word on when Shazam! 2 will start filming considering the fact that it could…

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