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    10 Movies Where Serious Actors Played Comedy Roles

    Serious Actors Played Comedy Roles: Some actors in Hollywood have made comedy their forte. Most of the comedy and entertaining movies will feature only actors like Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey. Whereas critically-acclaimed stars like Leonardo Di Caprio and Joaquin Phoenix have built a name in the industry for intense roles. You’ll mostly see them in sci-fi, action, psychology, and…

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    10 Amazing Comedies to Watch to Pass Time While Waiting Out the Coronavirus Outbreak!!

    Comedies to Watch: The Coronavirus outbreak has taken a toll on us. For the people who are quarantined behind in their rooms, life within four walls can be pretty boring at times. But fear not, Quirkybyte has got you covered. There are some great comedies that you could watch to bide time.  1. Groundhog Day One of the greatest time…

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  • MoviesHighest Grossing Leading Stars in Comedy Movies

    Top 10 Highest Grossing Leading Stars in Comedy Movies

    Highest Grossing Leading Stars in Comedy Movies: The world we all live in could definitely use a laugh and what better way to lighten your mood than to watch amazing movies that make you laugh out loud. Comedy is a very difficult genre, but some actors have made it so easy it is unbelievable. #10: Owen Wilson No. of Comedy…

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  • IndianUpcoming Comedy Movies Of 2018

    List of Upcoming Comedy Movies Of 2018

    Though it’s November, just a month for the year to end, the movie world is lined up with a bouquet of Comedies to tickle your funny bones. Some of the movies to look forward to after a grinding day …. Jack & Dil  Starring Arbaaz Khan, Evelyn Sharma, Sonal Chouhan, and Amit Sadh. A story of a businessman caught in…

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    10 Timeless Bollywood Comedy Movies You Should Definitely Watch

    After a stressful day at work, all of us prefer a light-hearted comedy. These classic Bollywood comedy movies are sure to tickle your funny bones and make you laugh:  1. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro This cult classic Bollywood comedy directed by Kundan Shah was way ahead of its time. The movie starred an ensemble cast including Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri,…

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    10 Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

    “Comedy” the word in itself is complete. It has been the time pass, the reason, the cure and many other things in our lives since ages. The artists in this field have been appreciated at all stages since it takes some serious sort of performance to bring out the best comedy. Here I am giving you a list of best…

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    7 Amazing Comedy Movies of 2016 So Far

    2016 is a year of continuations for the comic drama class; some for more seasoned films and some of the fresher ones. Neighbors, or ‘Awful Neighbors’ as it was retitled in a few nations, has gotten the continuation treatment very quickly alongside 2014 parody Ride Along getting its follow-up in mid-January. Look at this rundown of 7 best comedy movies…

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