10 Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

“Comedy” the word in itself is complete. It has been the time pass, the reason, the cure and many other things in our lives since ages. The artists in this field have been appreciated at all stages since it takes some serious sort of performance to bring out the best comedy. Here I am giving you a list of best comedy movies to make your bad times good and good times better!


Greatest Comedy Movies

Definitely not a common name in the world of comedy. What do you expect when two dumb men are best friends? You definitely get to a see a series of unfortunate happenings to them but they make you rolling on the floor and that is the best part after all! Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, the cast of the movie also won the title of the best on-screen duo. So.. yes! I recommend you this movie.


Greatest Comedy Movies

When a person with a directionless life is all of a sudden loaded with encounters full of surprises, things automatically shape themselves into a cool funny scenario. Shaun of the dead is a light horror comedy that bagged the title of the best horror film at that time.


Anything that drops on you from the sky is normal until and unless you aren’t familiar with it. An apple dropped on Newton led to a big discovery. But people with no idea of what the thing means, make their own perception of it and the later scenes are all unimagined. To know all that happened further, you need to watch this epic movie.


With a completely different plot, here the story revolves around the Arthurian legend. It was the highest grossing movie of those times. It is a cult classic movie with real ridiculous experiences.


Any trip with friends is a time well spent. Hangover is the story of three friends who are on a bachelor trip, one of which is a to-be-groom. But the groom is lost and now the friends have to search for him before the wedding. The plot seems quite easy but is full of roller coasters. The movie was a big success at box office and won many titles including Best Comedy.


How relaxing it is when you plan to blow up your office just because it sucks! Hell yeah! Office space depicts such a storyline with series of hilarious experiences. Also to add grace, Jennifer Aniston is the part of the cast too. Who wouldn’t watch the movie now?


Well, every road trip is a journey full of lifetime memories and acquaintances. So guess the outcomes when a young girl is desperate to become a beauty pageant and the family travels all the way to make her dreams come true. It is not just a comedy movie but gives you two hours of adventure too.


It is always a delight to watch the 90s young men with a cigar in hands posing like anything with looks to die for. Diner is a comedy-drama light movie which depicts the reunion of the college friends. Walking down the memory lane with all those awkward and unforgettable moments, the friends relive and cherish best of their together at the reunion.


Greatest Comedy Movies

The cast has the main role in making a movie realistic. Next is the storyline. And here you get the best of both the aspects. This too is a comedy drama but with a pinch of romance in it. How often do you get such combos?


comedy movies
Greatest Comedy Movies

The best way to figure out the reason behind your failed relationship is to take things in a jolly and light manner because life is already too serious. This movie shows how a man figures out the reasons with his happy-go-lucky nature. With a bit of drama in it, the movie gives you one good weekend. The movie three Oscars under different categories and is still a bliss to watch.

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