Prisha Lalwani

  • Sep- 2016 -
    11 September

    7 Highest Grossing Movies in Bollywood

    Movies come and movies go, but some movies stay with us for years to come. Some of these movies of Bollywood received so much of love that they crossed remarkable figures of money. Of all the movies ever made, here is a list of the top seven Movies that made the maximum amount of moolah and rocked the Box office.…

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  • 9 September

    5 Famous Bollywood Celebs Who Dated Ordinary People

    Apart from their movies, Bollywood celebrities also love to keep the buzz alive by what’s brewing in their personal lives as well. And, why wouldn’t they when a huge chunk f the audience just loves to read and hear about them! Well, we are pretty sure that our celebrity fans must be aware of their popular and the not-so-popular hook…

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  • Aug- 2016 -
    13 August

    8 Major Scandals that Rocked Bollywood

    It is believed that if you are a celebrity, one easy way of keeping in the news is by being a part of a scandal!! Here is a list of celebrities that have been in scandals for good reasons or bad!! Shahrukh Khan Our dear SRK made it to the news when seven members of Ravi Pujari gang were arrested.…

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  • 13 August

    8 Bollywood Celebrities Who Look Alike

    Bollywood should officially be declared a religion or at least a deity, for the simple reason that it has so many followers that designating it as a mere “industry” just doesn’t do the trick! There’s so much that goes on in the lives of these actors and celebrities – and guess what?? Patrons and fans want to know everything that…

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