Emilia Clarke’s MCU Character Finally Announced by Marvel

Emilia Clarke’s MCU character in the upcoming Disney series Secret Invasion has been kept a secret from the public for a while now, despite being hinted at in the trailer, which has given rise to a ton of rumors and conjecture. She is not SWORD agent Abigail Brand, despite some people’s speculation to that effect. She is neither a Skrull nor a mutant.

Vanity Fair claims that Emilia Clarke is actually portraying G’iah, Talos’ daughter, who was last seen in Captain Marvel as a young child. You did indeed hear correctly. Now that G’iah is an adult, it appears that her relationship with Talos is not perfect. There is some tension there, which the series will explore. Given the number of people who believed Clarke was portraying Abigail Brand, this news comes as a bit of a shock.


Who knows, though; she could be portraying both. That has happened in comic books before. Abigail Brand actually witnessed the Skrulls’ assault on the SWORD headquarters during the “Secret Invasion” comic run. Thus, there may still be a chance that we will see her on the show. It’s noteworthy how closely G’iah’s narrative resembles Monica Rambeau’s. During the events of Captain Marvel, both characters were young, but now that they are adults, they are each facing different problems.


Carol Danvers, Monica’s aunt, has lost Monica’s trust, while G’iah has some issues with her father. Maybe they’ll run into each other in the show or in the upcoming film The Marvels. It’s also important to point out that Samuel L. In an interview, Jackson—who portrays Nick Fury in the MCU—referred to G’iah as “the little Skrull girl grown up.”. She is undoubtedly a Skrull, which makes sense given her father’s race, according to this evidence. For Marvel fans, this is generally some very exciting news. With Emilia Clarke joining the cast, things are only getting more interesting for what is already one of the biggest events in the MCU, Secret Invasion.


Mark your calendars because the show will air for the first time on Disney on June 21.

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