Who Can Stop The Council Of Kangs? Ant-Man Writer Answers

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were left on the edge of their seats after Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania’s mid-credits scene teased the arrival of the Council of Kangs. The Council of Kangs comprises various versions of the time-traveling supervillain, including Immortus, Pharaoh Rama-Tut, and the Scarlet Centurion, who have united to face Earth’s Mightiest Heroes throughout Phase 5 and Phase 6 of the MCU. In a recent interview with Polygon, Jeff Loveness, the screenwriter for Quantumania and The Kang Dynasty, discussed about the one person who can stop the council of Kangs.

According to Loveness, Kang the Conqueror is the only character who can stop his multiversal variants, and his statement to Janet van Dyne in Quantumania is entirely factual. The terrestrial Avengers, such as Hawkeye, Moon Knight, and Daredevil, are powerless against the Council of Kangs. If Loveness’s statements are accurate, the Avengers will have to unite with Kang the Conqueror to overcome their common enemy. Although Kang has killed several Avengers in the past, the threat posed by the Council of Kangs may force the heroes to put aside their differences and collaborate with their former foes.


Kang the Conqueror’s apparent death at the conclusion of Quantumania means that the Avengers will have to fight his variants such as Immortus, Rama-Tut, and the Scarlet Centurion on their own. Phase 5 and Phase 6 may depict some of these battles in Marvel’s Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange 3, and Shang-Chi 2. However, it is highly unlikely that these heroes will emerge victorious against the Council of Kangs. Therefore, bringing back Kang the Conqueror may be the only solution to defeat the multiversal threat.


Despite being defeated by the Council of Kangs, Kang the Conqueror was taken aback by their actions, indicating that he has the strength to defeat them. Additionally, the council’s fear over Kang’s return suggests that he is more than capable of destroying them in a fair fight, explaining their defensive actions in Quantumania’s tag. Moreover, forging an alliance with Earth-616’s Avengers would grant Kang the Conqueror enough power to burn his enemies out of time, as he promised during the events of Quantumania.


In conclusion, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans may witness the return of Kang the Conqueror as the Avengers confront the Council of Kangs in Phase 5 and Phase 6. The multiversal threat posed by the Council may compel the heroes to collaborate with their former foe, setting the stage for an unprecedented move in the history of the multiverse. If Loveness’s statements prove true, the future of the MCU will be defined by the battles between the Council of Kangs and the Avengers, with Kang the Conqueror serving as the only hope for victory.


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