Why We Do Not See White Walkers in House of the Dragon

Will there even be White Walkers in House of the Dragon? If this question troubles you, then don’t worry. We’re here to answer it! You could argue that the White Walkers were among the primary antagonists in Game of Thrones. Or they felt like a much more significant threat than Cersei, who couldn’t do much against an overpowered Dany and was taken down by a bunch of bricks. House of the Dragon has taken so many elements from GOT, but why don’t we see any White Walkers in House of the Dragon?

Game of Thrones had more cards to play with. It involved all the prevalent houses, the Wildlings, the white walkers, and many other elements. But House of the Dragon has been chiefly about the Targaryens, with the likes of the Velaryons and the Hightowers playing critical roles in the story as well. But there’s no sign of the Winter villains, the White Walkers. And right from the beginning of this season, people have been asking whether the Night King’s army will have a presence in the show. Well, they haven’t shown up until now. So that only leaves the finale or the next season for them to show up.


But people have been inquisitive about them because they have been mentioned a couple of times by King Viserys. He spoke about the prophecy of the Prince that was promised. Aegon the Conqueror established the Targaryen rule in Westeros. But upon his adventures in the North about 80 to hundred years before King Viserys’s reign, he did witness the Wights beyond the Great Wall.


In Viserys’s words, Aegon foresaw the end of the world of men. It was, to begin with, a terrible winter gusting out of the distant North. Aegon saw absolute darkness riding on those winds, and whatever dwelled within would destroy the world of the living. So, he believed that to battle against this mega threat, all of Westeros must stand against it. And if the world of men were to survive, a Targaryen must be seated on the Iron Throne. That’s why Aegon thought that a future Targaryen prince would unite all of Westeros to defeat the armies of Cold and Dark. And this was done by Jon Snow and Daenerys, who turned out to be Aegon’s descendants.


But clearly, the White Walkers do exist during the era of the House of the Dragon. If you look at their history, they were first created by the Children of the Forest as a way to battle the First Men. And this happened 8,000 years before House of the Dragon’s timeline. They broke away from the Children after that. And then came the longest winter in the history of Westeros, known as The Long Night. This was when the Wights descended upon Westeros and attacked the living.


But the Westerosi people managed to win the battle and push them far into the North. Then the Great Wall was created to keep them away. The battle at Winterfell, where Arya kills the Night King, occurs in 298 AC. And King Viserys died in 129 AC. So, there are still over 150 years left for them to officially show up. But will we get a tease in House of the Dragon? I don’t think so because this series is about the fall of the Targaryens. We’ll be witnessing a lot of in-house Targaryen civil wars. First, there’s the Dance of the Dragons. Then as future Kings like Aegon the Fourth, aka Aegon the Unworthy, show up, there will be a bunch of Blackfyre rebellions.


White Walkers in House of the Dragon

But where are the Wights right now, and what have they been up to? The general understanding is that after their first defeat against the Westerosi people, they had been lying dormant for centuries. They were rebuilding and strengthening their numbers very slowly. They didn’t attack until Game of Thrones because they didn’t want to suffer another defeat after their previous loss. They wanted to ensure that they’d win against the world of men and leave no one alive this time. But that didn’t happen, as things didn’t go in favor of the Night King.


And speaking of him, many theorists began to think that Daemon might go on to become the Night King. Well, let me put a pin into this theory right here. Even though Daemon’s death wasn’t apparent in the books, he still can’t be the Night King. It is already known that The Night King is a member of the First Men. And they touched down in Westeros from Essos 12,000 years before the Targaryen Conquest.


So, the Targaryens weren’t even around when this First Man was turned into the supposed Night King by a child of the Forest. Do you think we’ll see White Walkers in House of the Dragon?

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