When Does Werewolf By Night Take Place In MCU?

The MCU has launched its 38th project as a special presentation for this Halloween period. It’s called Werewolf By Night, and people have plenty of questions about it. MCU’s Monsterverse has been introduced, as we already saw a couple of monsters with Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night. But one question that everyone has in their minds is, when does Werewolf By Night take place in the MCU timeline? Well, director Michael Giacchino has an answer to this question.

While speaking with ColliderGiacchino said:

“We never had that discussion. We never talked about what this meant for past, present, or future within the Marvel Universe. The one thing we all agreed on is it takes place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, it’s in there. We never say when, how or why. That was a big choice that we just said… I felt like they have done so brilliantly this whole interweaving connecting world between all of these characters over the past how many years. And I didn’t know how to improve upon that. I didn’t know how to make that better or bring something new to that. I have a very specific idea of how this fits into everything, but those are all discussions yet to be have with everyone else at Marvel, Kevin and Stephen and Brian Gay and all, everybody else. These are the discussions that I do hope to have.”


When Does Werewolf By Night Take Place In MCU

Well, that’s as clear as you could have asked for, right??? XD. So it is evident that there’s no specific timeline to this particular episode. But since the prologue talked about “Modern-Day Monsters and Hunters,” and this short movie comes in Phase 4, we could imagine that it takes place sometime along the latest MCU projects. That means it could be placed before or after Thor: Love and Thunder.


Elsa Bloodstone, Man-Thing, and Jack Russell are set to return in the future. So, it’ll be interesting to see where they show up next. I bet the Blade movie will bring them all into the mix and set up a Midnight Sons project. And the final lineup of this squad could involve Jack, Elsa, Ted (Man-Thing), Erik Brooks, Dane Whitman, and perhaps even Marc Spector.


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