10 Mind-Boggling Gods In The History of Comic Books

The Comic Books have always toyed with the idea of God like beings that either help humanity or have gone rogue and are hell-bent on destroying it. They range from weak and utterly useless to super powerful – capable of destroying an entire planet with the flick of a wrist. But sometimes the comic books introduce us to Gods that we just don’t know what to do with.

10. Godzilla – God of Monsters

When the Earth is destroyed and Godzilla is sent to Paradise for all his good deeds, he is met by God himself. But this version of God is a walking, talking, scheming mountain of nightmares that commands an army of Mothra-angels, is not a good guy. He orders Godzilla to fight Satan (SpaceGodzilla) and Godzilla later realizes the only way to escape the God’s plans is to kill him; which he does.

9. Woden – God of Cocaine

 Woden is a member of the pantheon of Gods from the series The Wicked + The Divine. The Pantheon in question already consists of some freaky Gods like the Prince-inspired Inanna and the Rihana-Cat lady God Sakhmet. But it is Woden that takes the cake. He is the God of Drugs and has an army of all Asian valkyries at his command. His Valkyries can join together to form an extremely well endowed Asian Megazord of sorts.

8. Batman – God of Knowledge

 In the Darkseid War, Darkseid – the God of Evil in DC Comics is killed that completely turns the dynamics of the DC Universe around. When Metron tries to intervene, he is tricked into leaving his Mobius Chair (the source of all his powers) and Batman sits on it instead. Becoming the God of Knowledge, Batman then asks the suit all kinds of questions including who really killed his parents and what is the Joker’s true identity.

7. Emperor Joker – God of Insanity

 Mr. Mxyzptlk is a reality warping maniac from another dimension. Joker manages to trick the freak into giving him 99.9% of his powers and thus born is Emperor Joker. Joker turns the entire world into a morbid circus where the Justice League is nothing but a sideshow. All new Gods call Joker by saying ‘wazzup’ and Batman is constantly killed and resurrected in an endless cycle of life and death.

6. Enchantress – Goddess of Orgies

 Amora the Enchantress is one hot woman. But she also has proved that she can get down on the crazy side and do things that will turn one’s hair white. Amora once obtained a necklace form the dwarven realms by performing a crazy ritual – bang three dwarves “from moonrise to sunrise”. She then sports the necklace in one of Odin’s banquets where Odin strips her off the necklace and Amora, vexed, raises an undead army to attack Asgard.

5. Ogdru Jahad – The Trapped God

Ogdru Jahad is the primary antagonist throughout much of the Hellboy series. He is a Lovecraftian entity trapped in a crystal prison deep in the darkness of space. Ogdru Jahad and his 369 children, the demi-god like Ogdru Hem are all multi-headed snake-crab like figures. Ogdru Jahad is believed to help humanity evolve to their next form by turning them into Frogmen, as said by Rasputin himself.

4. The King of Tears – God of Ugliness

The King of Years is a tentacle nightmare form another world. He visits and contacts the mortal plane via his magical herald called Johny Sorrow. Johny Sorrow is essentially a floating mask and a suit with his face almost always covered to prevent anyone from seeing it. If anyone sees Johny’s face, including Johny himself, it is instant death/ insanity. The only guy who defeated the King of Tears was the Spectre – the embodiment of God’s Wrath.

3. Decreator – God of Nothing

When the universe was created, two things were made to govern it – Everything and Nothing. God became the ruler of Everything. Decreator was the ruler of nothing. He is just one big-ass eye that is worshipped by a cult called the Cult of the Unwritten Book. Decreator’s gaze can turn back reality into a void and his army consists of whispering grins and murmuring Jacks.

2. The Lost Year – The Parasite God

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 The Authority wakes up in an alternate Earth where the team of superheroes does not have access to their powers. The Doctor realizes the reason behind it. The Earth is engulfed by a massively powerful jellyfish like the psychic parasite that is feeding off of Humanity’s consciousness. When the Doctor and the Authority try to stop the Parasite, it wakes up and the resulting psychic backlash leads to mass suicides and violent murders on a global scale.

 1. Amatsu Mikaboshi – God of Chaos

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Amatsu Mikaboshi is the Japanese God of Chaos. He first appeared in Chaos War, an award-winning storyline form Marvel Comics. In this arc, Amatsu hopes to restore reality to the beginning of creation where nothing but chaos reigns supreme. He destroys Earth’s pantheons one by one. He kills even Zeus – the guy who has whooped the Hulk’s ass. When Pluto releases all the dead Gods of Hell from Hades for a renewed assault on Mikaboshi, Amatsu kills them all without even breaking a sweat.

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