10 Rebirth Comics That Are A Must Read For Every DC Fan

In the month of May 2016, DC gave it’s comic-book universe a soft reboot with ‘Project Rebirth’. This was supposed to bring back the original essence of DC and the fan favorite superheroes. Rebirth wrecked havoc on every other publication and its rivals when it launched with a stable and much more interconnected universe, awesome stories, great artwork, and a 2-year rebirth run for every major character or story.


Now with 2017 coming to its end, project rebirth is about to end and the stories that were running under it’s name will now resume to run under their normal titles. BUT! It never is too late to begin something. Here is a list of 10 best rebirth titles that are a must read if you’re planning to start reading comics or in case you haven’t gotten your hands in one of these.

10. Superman

The best part about Rebirth was that we finally got our beloved post-crisis superman back! The comic will take you through the daily life of Clark Kent and his struggles as man of steel and a Father. This comic is an awesome blend of the typical boy scout mixed with action kind of story. It did lack some attraction in the middle of the run but immediately gained it back, and it is one of the key comics t read if you don’t want to miss anything about the Doomsday Clock arc.

9. Nightwing

just like most of the rebirth titles Nightwing’s story has also gone back to its roots. He has moved out of Gotham, he now wears a similar costume to his classic half, and he now operates in BludHaven.( he always did) The story deals with Grayson’s solo run for him to make his own name away from Batman. This is a great read if you want to get away from the normal bat-family life and read something different.

8. Titans

The OG teens titans have now grown up and changed their name to Titans and let the previous one be open for the younger generation to take on. The new team consists of all our beloved characters including the Ginger Hair Wally West (who shocking has a dope looking orange costume now!) this comic book has all the team drama you would expect from a group of teenagers working together, and this again is a book that’s important for Doomsday Clock story arc.

7. Detective Comics

Unlike the Batman comics or any bat family comics, Detective comics deal with the happening in Gotham city and gives you a closer look at all the vigilantes and villains working in Gotham. This book also tells us that unlike Batman’s belief he is better when works with others like him and that’s where Batwoman, Gotham, Damian etc. come in.

6. Action Comics

Unlike superman’s own book, action comics deals with how Superman works in Metropolis. DC brought back action Comics to its original numbering and with it, we also got the best Superman villains back. This book shows us how Superman has inspired even the likes of Lex Luthor to change and help the good. Superman in this book deals with the dilemma of whether to let a more human protector do the job or do it by himself. These are the best kind of story in our honest opinion.

5. Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps

This particular book is very important for DC as it explores the vast universe and uncovers the secret it has been hiding. In the story we see Hal Jordan reunite with his corps and get back on his duty to protect his sector. This is DC’s space Opera and will take you on unbelievable adventures. This is a must read if you’re a Hal Jordan fan or you want to know more about green lanterns in general.

4. Aquaman

This has to be one of DC’s most strong release in rebirth. In the story, we see Arthur as a banished citizen of Atlantis who works his way back to his position as the ruler of the seas with the help of his significant other, Mera. This is mostly a self-contained story because of which the writers can fully dive into the depths of Atlantian history and stories.

3. Wonder Woman

With Greg Rucka, the fan favorite writer for wonder woman stories returning to write about her again, it was a sure thing that wonder woman would be one of the best runs of Rebirth. It attempted something that no other comic did, i.e by telling 2 different story arcs simultaneously. This book will take you deep into the mythos of Wonder Woman and how she became what she is now.

2. The Flash

With an amazing writer like Joshua Williamson and an amazing artist like Carmine Di Giandomenico, DC just told the fans and its rivals that is no messing with the scarlet speedster. With an amazing first arc that introduced us to a new speedster villain that went by the name ‘Godspeed’, the book saw a 73% hike in sales and this encouraged the writers to take a risk and publish more unique stories. This book also brought back some of Barry’s most prominent and famous rouges back in continuity, and we finally got a legit and expanded origin in Reverse Flash’s history. Non the less this is a definite must-read for every comic-book fan.

Before we proceed to no.1 here are some honorable mentions:

  • Green Arrow
  • Suicide Squad
  • Super Sons
  • Teen Titans
  • Deathstroke
  • Green Lanterns

1. Batman

dc Rebirth comics

The obvious one here, any Batman story is considered good and with a great talent like Tom King on an exclusive contract with DC, we get one of the best Batman books ever! Unlike other writers who concentrate more on how Batman takes down his villains, Tom concentrated more on how the mind of the Caped crusader works and what goes on inside his brain when he is busy being Batman. Which gives us awesome thoughts and mind games filled with riddles and laughs to read.

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