Who Will Be The Villain of Thunderbolts In MCU? (Vol. 3)

Marvel officially announced this project at SDCC earlier this year. And they revealed the lineup at the D23 Expo, which included Bucky and Yelena as the team’s leaders. Along with them are two Captain America replacement super soldiers, the US Agent and Red Guardian. And then there are two assassins from Russia and SHEILD, the Taskmaster and Ghost, respectively. Val, who is MCU’s own Amanda Waller counterpart, would handle this team. But who will be the villain of Thunderbolts in MCU?

Black Widow and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier came together to give us this lineup. But looking at the members, quite a few were disappointed as there’s a lot of redundancy. Everyone was expecting the Abomination, Zemo, and even The Red Hulk. But they didn’t come in. And since the Leader has been named as the villain of Captain America 4, We’re all left wondering who would go against the Thunderbolts. This is the third part of the list, and we’re going to discuss two more candidates here who could be the Villain of Thunderbolts in MCU.


Robot Zola

Before Captain America 3 was turned into Civil War, The Russos had a different plan for the film. It was going to be an espionage-based narrative similar to the vibes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And guess what? They planned to bring Dr. Zola’s Algorithm back after he exploded. This time he was going to have his comic-accurate robot body.


Villain of Thunderbolts

So, this Robot Zola could be alive now and be the big bad against the Thunderbolts. Zola and Bucky go way back. So, it would be nice to have him back if Bucky is to be the lead. I would have loved it if the Leader was the villain of the Thunderbolts and Zola was of Captain America 4. But anyway, this switch would be cool too.


And to add to this Zola idea, I’ll bring in my final point, which features

The Intelligencia

This was a group of brilliant villains coming together to form a Kabal! This group included several comic villains, like the Leader, Egghead, MODOK, and Doctor Doom. With Doctor Doom being introduced in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, MODOK appearing in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and The Leader being the villain of Captain America: New World Order, there’s a chance that all of them could be a part of the MCU’s version of the Intelligencia. And their fourth member could be Robot Zola.


There are a lot of mysteries in the MCU that this offensive team could solve. One (Zola) of them could have hired Crossbones to steal that bio-weapon. Another one (MODOK) could have hired Sonny Burch to get his hands on Pym’s lab. The third one (Doctor Doom) may have been in contact with the Power Broker for the Super Soldier Serum & other weapons. And one (The Leader) could have been behind the Wrecking Crew to get their hands on She-Hulk’s blood.


I’m not saying Doctor Doom would be teaming up with Zola in the Thunderbolts. But I believe that one by one, Ant-Man 3, Captain America 4, and the Thunderbolts could bring Doom out of the shadows. Captain America 4 comes out before the Thunderbolts. So by the end, the Leader could be revealed as a part of the Intelligencia, leading us into Robot Zola. Then towards the end of the Thunderbolts, Zola could lead us to the true leader of the Intelligencia, Doctor Doom. And finally, Doom would appear in Fantastic Four, the next movie after the Thunderbolts.


So, who do you think could be the villains or the villain of Thunderbolts in MCU?

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