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20 Memes And Fan Reactions To Hercules In Thor 4

We were all excited to see Hercules finally show up in the MCU. He had to take on Thor at some point in this long-running franchise. Thor even knows about this demigod. So, it will undoubtedly be exciting to see him fight against Zeus’ strongest son. Herc may start as an antagonist for Thor 5. Check out these memes and fan reactions to Hercules in Thor 4:

1. Don’t Ruin Him!


2. Still Recovering!

3. Damn!!


4. Leaked!

5. He’s Everywhere!


6. Literally!

7. That’s Right!


8. Seriously!

9. Wait, What?


10. Roy Kent!

11. Gotcha!


12. F*ck!!

13. He Did!


14. Damn!

15. Oh Yeah!


16. Just Don’t!

17. About To Change!


18. WTF?

19. Loved Him!


20. Avenge Him!

Which of the above memes and fan reactions to Hercules in Thor 4 did you enjoy the most? What were your reactions after seeing Hercules? Do comment down your answers.

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