10 Facts About Zombieland That Would Excite You For The Sequel

Zombieland is one of the best Horror Comedies ever made and the fans of this movie have very exciting news to look up to as the trailer for the second movie just dropped, and it looks amazing. Zombieland is loved worldwide due to its actors, and the good news for the fans is that all the major actors would be reprising their roles.

Here are 10 amazing facts about Zombieland that would surely excite you for the sequel.

#1: Woody Harrelson was flying “High”


The Filming of Zombieland was delayed by a day, due to a very surprising fact. Woody Harrelson was arrested for Marijuana possession during filming. Woody wouldn’t have been worried about this bust as he was out the next day, but he would have been worried about one thing, who snitched on him?

#2: Inspiration for Zombieland


The director of the movie Zombieland, Ruben Fleischer stated that the movie Shaun of The Dead gave him a lot of inspiration to make Zombieland. Shaun of The Dead is one of the best zombie movies ever made it feels good to see it being appreciated so much.

#3: It was supposed to be based on Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)


When Zombieland was under development, there was a huge rumour which stated that the movie was based on the popular Video Game Left 4 Dead 2. The Creators and developers of the game, Valve, denied the studio permission to mention the game and company in the opening and end credits.

#4: It was developed as a TV show


Zombieland was originally created as a TV series for CBS and the “Zombie Kill of the Week” was left over from the script’s original plot for the series. Every weekly episode would have a Zombie Kill of the Week performed by the characters on the show. They later revised the script to convert it into a feature film.

#5: Emma Stone was originally cast to play “406”


At the start, Emma Stone was originally cast to play the role of 406, Columbus’ hot neighbour zombie at the beginning of the movie. 406 was her apartment number, but it was also the only area code for the state of Montana, keeping with the theme of places as names. The role later went to Amber Heard

#6: The Producer fought for “Nut up or Shut up”


The producer of the movie Zombieland, Gavin Polone, who was also the producer of Gilmore Girls and Curb your Enthusiasm, had to work very hard for the tagline “Nut up or Shut up”. The director Ruben Fleischer thought it was very crass, so he opposed it, but later he was glad that it became a slogan

#7: The Supermarket scene was mot filmed at an actual supermarket


The majority of the people believe that the supermarket sequence was filmed at a real supermarket, but that is not true. A movie set was built from scratch to look like a real supermarket and most of the merchandise was fake. The Producers said it was cheaper than buying out a supermarket and paying them for broken merchandise.

#8: Relationship with its TV series adaptation


Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wrote the script of Zombieland and they said that the actor Kirk Ward was heavily considered for the role of Tallahassee. Kirk Ward played Tallahassee in the original Television series’ pilot episode

#9: Writer Cameo


The writer of the movie made a brief cameo himself, he played the man in the white tuxedo with an assault rifle in the opening credits. Not many fans could pick out this cameo.

#10: Huge Competition for Amber Tamblyn


Amber Tamblyn became a fan favourite after her role in this movie and she has to thank Evan Rachel Wood and Megan Fox for that. As both these actresses decided to turn down the role as they were not interested in the scope of this character. Well, lucky for Amber Tamblyn as then she was able to bag the role.

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