Will Jane Die in Thor Love and Thunder?

We’re so close to seeing Jane and Thor showcase some Love and Thunder. The world premiere has already happened and the early reactions have been great. This film has Taika Waititi written all over it as he has truly made a romantic comedy. But this one also gives us a taste of Gorr’s butchery. There are two questions that have been prevalent on the internet ever since Thor: Love and Thunder was announced. One of those is – Will Thor Die in Love and Thunder? And the second one is – Will Jane Die in Thor Love and Thunder?

As per early reactions, the movie is very funny, and very emotional at the same time. So given the sorts of reactions we’ve got, I’ve come up with a theory that might come as a gut punch.

Spoiler Warning just in case it turns out to be right.


Will Thor Die in Love and Thunder?

Chris Hemsworth claimed that Thor is still pretty young by Asgardian standards, so he doesn’t want to quit playing the character just yet. And all early reactions on YouTube have stated that Love and Thunder is a good sequel to Ragnarok and it has an obvious setup for Thor 5. So yea, we will see our beloved God of Thunder return for sure. Back when Taika Waititi came on to direct Thor: Ragnarok, he said that he would like to do a Thor trilogy in the MCU. And since he was given the opportunity to do Love and Thunder, it was easy to presume that a Thor 5 will happen.


Will Jane Die in Thor Love and Thunder?

You could look at it in two ways. One is that the Mighty Thor is a new entry in the MCU and she could, and probably should become an MCU regular. But the other is that she could drive the emotional aspect of this movie. She could give the movie its heart and soul. That means Thor: Love and Thunder could be one heartfelt goodbye to Jane Foster by allowing her character to her peak. Natalie Portman seems to have made a triumphant return to the MCU. Everyone’s praising her performance.


After Thor: The Dark World, Portman was out and probably didn’t want to return. She was nowhere to be seen in Ragnarok. But then Taika convinced her to be back and actually wield Mjolnir this time. So this promotion in her role is probably what got her back. And it was easy for fans to presume that after her debut as The Mighty Thor, we could see more of her on Earth. Meanwhile, Odinson could continue to be a God throughout the Galaxy.


Will Jane die in Thor Love and Thunder

But at this film from another angle. It is being called a Taika Waititi movie through and through. Back in Ragnarok, he brought massive changes to Thor and his narrative in the MCU. And he killed off many characters. The Warriors 3 perished. Even the All-father Odin died! And the film had even set up Heimdall and Loki to die right after it. So, if love and Thunder is being called an emotional one and Thor is not the one sacrificing himself, then who is left to be killed off and make us cry in the theatres? It cannot be Valkyrie because her demise will not motivate Thor as much as Jane Foster!


Jane has been the love of Thor’s life! In the fifteen hundred years that he has lived, he hasn’t felt love in the way that he felt with Jane. So, Jane’s demise against Gorr the God Butcher would prove to be a huge motivational factor for Thor. You have to remember that number 1, Gorr is the God Butcher! He has to take down at least one crucial God-like character in the movie.


Even in the trailers, we can see Thor and Valkyrie fighting against Gorr. But we haven’t got a shot of Jane battling him. So, that could mean that maybe Jane does not survive until that point. Along with Gorr’s story from the comics, Taika has also taken huge inspiration from Jane’s cancer arc in the comics. So with Jane’s cancer playing a huge role in the movie, it is possible that she might be the one making the sacrifice play, giving her powers to Thor and allowing him to defeat Gorr the God Butcher!


Portman was really iffy to return after Thor 2. So, Taika may have been able to convince her to return one last time because this story would be a huge send-off for Jane. She would get to be a hero in the true sense. She would get her happy and romantic moments with Thor. But her cancer would make people scared. And ultimately, she’d be put on a pedestal and sent off to Valhalla! What a beautiful story it would be for her, right? That’s why I believe Jane Foster might die in Love and Thunder! It will be sad. But it will make Thor even stronger. And it will allow fans to deeply connect to this film the way they were able to do it with No Way Home through Aunt May.


This is just a working theory for now. But let’s see how it turns out in the end. What do you guys think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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