Stranger Things 4: Why Max Broke Up With Lucas? Explained

The first part of Stranger Things 4 is out and already breaking records. The group of adults, young adults, and kids are all separate initially. So the first part of the new season saw them uniting against a new threat that is killing the teenagers of Hawkins. It is full of drama, action, and new adventures. But still, with all these things happening at the same time, fans focussed on the obvious tension between Lucas and Max. They were an item at the end of the last season but this new season sees Lucas trying to talk to Max, who has recently broken up with him. So here is good news for all the fans who ship them- we believe we have figured out why Max broke up with Lucas.

First introduced in volume 2, Sadie Sink’s Max became the newest addition to the kids’ group of Stranger Things. The second season saw her becoming close friends with everyone, especially Eleven, who became her best friend. Furthermore, Lucas developed a crush on Max and decided to act on it. Both of them soon became a thing, way before El and Mike reached that stage. They shared their first kiss at the Snowball Dance of Volume 2, and their shippers got what they wanted. But the following season saw them go through some up and downs, which troubled fans. But the last episode saw them return to their girlfriend-boyfriend stage. Then why are they broken up in the fourth volume? What would have happened in the time between the two seasons that led to this? And most important of them all is it permanent?!



The first episode of the new season saw her going through the trauma of losing Billy again and again. She seems to be having trouble sleeping at night, then having nightmares and poor concentration at school. And all this time, Lucas seems to be struggling to try to talk to her. But he is confused as to how to reach out to her and start a conversation. Meanwhile, Max realizes that her nightmares were the first stage of Vecna’s Curse. And when she is in the final stage, it is Lucas who saves her by making her listen to her favorite song. And he was the only one who knew, so there has to be something horrible that happened to Max during the six months between volumes 3 & 4 that she decided to break up with Lucas.


One reason that seems pretty obvious is Max’s grief after Billy’s death. And the scene where Vetna uses him to tease her proves our point that getting over his death was one thing she never did. We knew that Vecna was using past victims of the teens to antagonize them and for Max, it was Billy, which further proves our point. This grief turned her into someone new. She was not the Max we knew and loved. The director proved this with her dull color pallets and her choices to be alone. Things became harder for her in her home when she and her mother were forced to move to a smaller and worse place. On top of that, her mother slowly becoming an alcoholic didn’t help her forget Billy at all.



Why Max Broke Up With Lucas
While Max was going through changes, Lucas was going through one of his own. He was a part of the Hellfire Club and the basketball team. He was right on his way to becoming one of the popular kids in his high school and there was no stopping it. From the outside, it didn’t seem like he had time to spend with Max and help her through her problems. Even Max didn’t seem like she wanted to be with this new and popular Lucas. There are also arguments that Lucas wanted to solve her problems but Max wanted her time. This all lead to some circumstances where all Max felt was right was breaking up. And she didn’t explain the reasons to Lucas because she knew he wouldn’t understand it.


There is a saying that what is love but grief perspiring. So when Max broke up with Lucas, she might have done it so that she can keep him away from her darkness. Furthermore, she didn’t want herself to be an obstacle in his life. She wanted the best for him and at that time, leaving him was right. But now that she seems to have, kind of, found herself again, they might rekindle their fire. So if you are a Max and Lucas shipper, the second part of the season will be a dream come true for you.



Do you think we are right about why Max broke up with Lucas? If you think there were more reasons into play, do let us know in the comments section below.

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