Massive Crossover Setup In Phase 5 Revealed In This GOTG Theory

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 less than a year away, theories about the event have started going around. And we caught one of the craziest of them that seems to be what Gunn has been working towards. And we believe that Vol 3 will see the team disassemble, and fall into just the right places to kick off the Annihilation event. Keep up with the post to find more about this crossover setup in phase 5 and our theory that Vol 3 will lead right to it.

When most of the events were occurring on the Earth, 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy was the first movie to take us on a colorful cosmic ride. This was part of the reason fans became so interested in their story. And the other part was the diversity of characters in the movies. Vol 3 is the last of this franchise and as it comes to an end, we seriously doubt that Gunn will let them fly off without going big one last time. The group has been through some major storylines over the years and this time, they might kick off the events of one. And we have found some potential hints that Vol 3 could lead right to the beginning of the Annihilation event. But what is it?!



The 2006 Annihilation event is one of the biggest cosmic crossover events that shook the universe. Like many other events, Thanos was the one to kick off the events of this crossover in a couple of unpublished preludes. Things started going out of the way when Thanos and Star-Lord killed The Beyonder who was in the Kyln at the time. Then he went on to enslave the Fallen One. Cut to Earth, Drax and the ship he was on crashed in Alaska. He then roams the land with his new friend, Cammi, whom he fights alongside against the Blood Brothers before getting arrested again. Now he returns to the Kyln.


Annihilation Wave

But all this time, an entire armada of Warship, called the Annihilation wave, led by Annihilus, was making its way to the Kyln and its star systems. This wave made waste to the entire system, including Xandar and the prison. The Nova Corps was unable to stop this in time and died, except for Richard Ryder, who downloaded the entire Xandarian Worldmind into his brain and became the Nova Prime. Now he has access to the entirety of Nova Powers and is stronger than ever. The others who survived the attack were Drax and Cammi. The three of them join forces and try to travel to Quasar to cut Annihilus’ fleet off. Annihilus was going there to take over the Quantum Bands from Quasar. Now Annihilus continues with his series of attacks and takes on allies as he goes.


By the end, Annihilus’ armies consisted of his fleet, Thanos(under influence of Skreet and Mistress Death), and two Gods who were freed in his destruction of the Kyln, Tenebrous, and Aegis. This Annihilation wave continues for 205 days before Richard Ryder, aka Nova Prime creates an army of his own consisting of Drax, Cammi, Star-Lord, Firelord, Red Shift, Stardust, and Ronan the Accuser.



Crossover Setup In Phase 5

With the GotG franchise now coming to an end, it makes more sense that they go out setting up their next adventure. They already have the first piece f the puzzle, the Kyln, and Xandar. We know that Nova is coming into the MCU somewhere in the future. Thanos is already dead so someone would have to presume his role. Gods are right around the corner and bring like Galactus and Annihilus can be introduced in the Fantastic Four. Annihilation is a significant event in the comics and nobody wants to see it get wasted. And now that Guardians of the Galaxy may be going out, this could be the last chance for this event.


All the members of the group are new and haven’t reached the limit of their character. Infinity War and Endgame saw them fight but not on the frontlines, given there were more powerful forces. But this event has the potential to help them reach the peak of their abilities. And don’t forget that all of the characters that we haven’t seen in the MCU yet can be introduced as the Annihilation event plays out. Because this is how it happened in the comics, too. It can also help characters like Adam Warlock, the Skrulls, the leftover Xandarians, and Nova Prime. This event can help them find their place in the bigger narrative of the MCU.


Do you think the Annihilation event is the way to go for the Guardians? What are your thoughts about this crossover setup in phase 5? Let us know your answers in the comments.

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