How We Can See Skrulls In Ms. Marvel? EXPLAINED

As we prepare for the third episode of Disney+’s newest MCU show, Ms Marvel, to drop, theories for the future of the show are going around like crazy. And one of those crazy theories suggests that the story of Ms Marvel might be hiding a Skrull somewhere. This does make some sense as Marvel might be setting up their upcoming show, Secret Invasion, soon. Keep up with the post to find out how we can see Skrulls in Ms Marvel:

Disney+’s Ms Marvel follows a Pakistani-American teenager, Kamala Khan, as she explores a superhero life after turning into one, with the help of a mysterious bangle. The series has just revealed how Kamala plans to use her powers but so far, there haven’t been many hints to what we get to see in the future, except for Najma and Kamran’s twist. But from her inclusion in MCU’s The Marvels, we know that the ending will be a big one. Big enough to attract the attention of Captain Marvel. So, there is a lot of speculation as to what ‘big’ can happen at the end that does the job. And some theories suggest that it will have to do something with a Skrull.


Skrulls, after being introduced in 2019’s Captain Marvel, are a group of extraterrestrial beings. They possess the very unique ability to shapeshift and look like anyone they want. We saw them for the first time when they were fleeing from the Krees, the galactic criminals. Ever since that, they have appeared in Spider-Man: Far From Home, impersonated as Nick Fury and Agent Hill. We saw them again when Nick Fury got up from his beach cot on the Skrulls’ ship in space. The thing about them is they can appear anywhere anytime because of their unique set of abilities. But why Ms Marvel and not any of the shows before that?!



Skrulls In Ms Marvel

Despite how the events of Ms Marvel pan out, we know that Skrulls will be a crucial part of the events of MCU’s Secret Invasion. They may seem disconnected right now, but they will be connected in the future as the events of both these shows will lead directly to The Marvels. But when we take the past actions of Marvel execs into account, we know that they will find a way to connect the two shows. And the best course of action at this point seems to be including a Skrull somewhere in the Ms Marvel show. But it should not be her friends or family. Because we have the perfect candidate for a Skrull who will explain many things in the MCU.



For a character to turn out to be a Skrull, it needs to be a little out of place. And when it comes to that, the character that seemed the most out of place was Agent Cleary of the Department of Damage Control. We first saw him as an Agent in the DoDC in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Then, he seemed like a normal officer of the department but when he appeared in the post-credits scene of Ms Marvel, he seemed a little weird. He was trying too hard to find a girl with abilities (Kamala Khan) when he didn’t have to. This leads us to wonder if he has changed his goal to find powered individuals, for god knows what! But it is also possible that a Skrull has replaced him.


What makes this interesting is the plot of Secret Invasions saw Skrulls take over the most powerful positions in the government. So, if Cleary turns out to be a Skrull, it perfectly lines up with the comics. As an added bonus, his turning out to be Skrull can also explain how he knew that Nick Fury was off-world when the events of FFH and NWH took place. Now, there’s another theory that suggests that this Skrull will be an evil one who is going after all superheroes. He is one of those Skrulls who might go rogue in order for the events of Secret Invasion to take place.


The inclusion of Skrulls in Ms Marvel will make this series a lot more significant than just a solo origin story. It will be enough to put Kamala on the map, thus leading to her future team-up with Captain Marvel. Do let us know your comments on this.

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