Thor Finally Gets Replacement Of Mjolnir (and It’s Not Stormbreaker)

Thor has always been a top-tier Avenger, thanks to his Godly strength and a trustworthy hammer, Mjolnir. Thor has been through some of the toughest times and Mjolnir has always been there right beside him. He is one of the strong superheroes and his hammer makes him even stronger. But in one recent issue, this new version of Thor proved he doesn’t need Mjolnir to be the strongest in the room. Keep up with the post to find out about the replacement of Mjolnir and how strong Thor is, even without it.

Marvel Comics adapted the character of Thor in their comics, directly from the Norse Mythology. And alongside him, they adopted his hammer, Mjolnir. The hammer is one of those things that define Thor as who he is. And that’s not all. The hammer is so much more than that. The hammer bears an inscription that says, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”. And it has been like that. There have been a lot of moments when Thor lost his worthiness and the hammer went to someone else. The most notable of them is Jane Foster and Beta Ray Bill. Other than that, MCU portrayed this by deeming Steve Rogers worthy, and thus possessing the powers of Thor.


Replacement of Mjolnir

But Thor is not limited to his worthiness to wield the Mjolnir. Yes, Thor and Mjolnir always go hand in hand but even without the hammer, Thor is still a God. And recently. he became even more powerful and proved he doesn’t need his hammer to put down his opponents. His fists are enough! Check out what the writers had for us.



In the recent Free Comic Book Day: Spider-Man and Venom, Marvel released a preview of the upcoming series, All-Out Avengers. For your reference, this story will be set after Thor has received his cosmic upgrade and is stronger than ever. The preview features a scene where we see Thor facing off against Ulik, that too in his powerful state. When the final showdown seems to appear, we see Ulik getting knocked down right away. Then we see Ulik taunting Thor about his hammer because everything happened so fast that he didn’t even what hit him. Much to his and the reader’s surprise, he didn’t even have his hammer when Thor hit him!


Then what did he hit him with so hard, that he fell right down? They were actually his bare fists. Thor is one of the Asgardians and one of the strongest ones among them. He is nearly an immortal with muscles of steel. He literally has the strength to fling his hammer so hard that it lifts him right off the ground. So just imagine if he gets a cosmic upgrade, how powerful he will get? Well, now you don’t have to because according to this preview, he will get enough raw power to knock a Rock Troll right down. While this was only a preview, it would be quite amazing to see what other opponents he can take down with his newfound cosmic powers.



If you haven’t been following the comics, this part is for you. As you might or might now know, since Odin’s death, his spirit transferred itself to Thor’s hammer. after all, it is one of the strongest mystical artifacts in Asgard. So Mjolnir is more powerful now but the catch is that it can now speak! Apparently, Odin now communicates with Thor through Thor’s hammer. And if you have any idea how loving their relationship is, you know that Thor wouldn’t like that. And he doesn’t! And why would he? With fists so powerful that they can replicate the strength of Mjolnir, who needs it? Well, maybe I do.


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