Thor 5 And 6 Will Break The Ragnarok Cycle

The Marvel multiverse works on some basic tropes. This universe has some super-powered beings it has dubbed heroes and some super-powered beings that they call villains. The difference between these two factions is purely based on their motivations and utility to society as a whole. I just don’t think that it is something incredibly new. Moreover, MCU is now at a point where the characters are so overpowered that they have to be nerfed in every major confrontation just to make sure that the plot remains interesting. Yes, we are talking about how Thor was nerfed in Endgame after his power-up in Infinity War & Ragnarok for this very reason. But Thor fans know that this is a cycle and we think that Thor 5 and 6 will break the Ragnarok cycle.

Let me first clarify what I mean by the Ragnarok cycle. You see, Norse mythology talks about Ragnarok a time of great battle and rebirth. It is a time when everything is destroyed by war and great calamities and then the entire cycle starts all over again. Ragnarok destroyed Asgard and showed Thor that he does not need his hammer to channel his powers. Thor broke his shell and developed into one of the most beloved characters of the MCU. Now, Thor 4 is planning to introduce The Mighty Thor into the MCU. This is a version of Jane Foster who becomes worthy to lift Mjolnir and gains the power of the Thunder God.


Thor 5 And 6 Will Break The Ragnarok Cycle

The addition of a new superhero to the cast of Love And Thunder is an interesting development because the story can go a lot of ways from here. But the most obvious of subplots would be the passing of the torch to Jane Foster’s Thor. Since this is the start of the new trilogy, we think that Thor 5 & 6 will also build towards a major catastrophe. Since Ragnarok is a cycle, we expect to see the trope being repeated with Jane Foster’s Thor, where she might be responsible for saving New Asgard. But we also think that these movies will put an end to this cycle.


There have been many rumors and theories about how Thor will transform into Rune King Thor in the next few movies. We are inclined to believe these theories especially because Jane Foster’s Thor now exists in the MCU to take over the more minor Thor duties while the Rune King brings balance back to the universe. But comic fans should know that Rune King Thor’s nigh unlimited power was used for a very specific purpose. In this particular comic story,y Thor sacrificed everything, including his own life to attain the Odinforce and knowledge of the Runes. He was then re-birthed as Rune King Thor.


Thor 4 and 5 will break the Ragnarok cycle

But with all knowledge comes a cost. This one had a terrible secret too. Thor discovered that the cycle of Ragnarok was a way for cosmic beings to absorb energy for sustenance. These beings are akin to Gods for the people of Asgard. Thor was taken aback by this revelation and used his power, including the knowledge of the Runes to completely annihilate these-called “Gods” and thereby ending the cycle of Ragnarok.


The Speculation

We think that Thor 5 & 6 will have a similar plot. The end of Ragnarok will ensure the safety of the people of Asgard and hence it is the logical conclusion of Thor’s second trilogy in the MCU. Jane Foster’s The Mighty Thor will also be able to come into her own if Thor is preoccupied with destroying cosmic beings. We expect an entirely new plotline by the end of phases VI. Although the multiversal war has been predicted, it may not happen immediately and hence other power-up stories may take priority.


The next few movies are going to be very important for the continued success of the MCU. We patiently await the advent of Kang and the release of Love And Thunder.

Let us know what you think about this analysis down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and  Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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