New Moon Knight Photos Reveal Several Discarded Alternate Suits

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen some tremendous growth over the last couple of years. This is both because of the introduction of a slew of new characters, like the mystics of Shang-Chi and the incomprehensible Celestials, and because of the Multiverse. This expansion of the MCU has been caused partly because of the pandemic and mainly because of the end of the Infinity Saga. The MCU has grown beyond what we could have ever expected. I mean, we could have never imagined watching a show about Moon Knight in live-action. We would have argued until our last breath if someone had made this claim 15 years ago. But now this is a reality. In fact, we have some juicy new Moon Knight photos to show you.

The creation of comic costumes for live-action is a drawn-out and arduous process. It is not easy to create a costume for the live-action adaptation of comics where the character has 70 years of publication history. With that kind of a pedigree come fan expectations that need to be fulfilled. This is a lot of pressure for any costume designer. But Marvel Studios has a flair for judging what the fans want and this studio never shies away from working as hard as they can. The costume designers at Marvel give it their all while working on creating the said costumes and they present several iterations of the completed product before finalizing on the one that we see in the show/ movie.


New Moon Knight Photos

In a video interview with Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding and Visual Development Supervisor Rodney Fuentebella revealed new Moon Knight photos showcasing alternate costume designs. These photos showcase the thought process that went behind creating the costume we saw on screen. Moon Knight is an interesting character to design for, in so far that he is not one but multiple characters. Marc Spector is a broken man and his multiple personalities continuously struggle within themselves for control of his body.


This means that the costume department had to work some magic while designing his superhero suit. They had to account for fast costume changes and showcase each alternate personality’s character in the costume. Ryan Meinerding and Rodney Fuentebella detail this process in the video and show us some alternate designs that are absolutely mid-blowing. The alternate design showcased above has the Moon Knight wrapped in bandages from head to toe. This is very close to the final iteration of the costume but is different enough to give us the creeps.


Moreover, these photos of an alternate design for Mr. Knight’s head are also very interesting. It seems that the production team considered keeping the headgear the same for both Moon Knight and Mr. Knight but decided against it. Maybe it was done to signify the fact that Marc and Steven are indeed different people. We still think that the blue eyes are the best part of these photos. They pop with the white tones and make for a great contrast. A photo of Mr. Knight in the hoodie gives Stephen’s character a whole different look with the legendary armor.


The Possibilities

New Moon Knight photos

It seems that the ceremonial armor of Khonshu can be anything the wearer wants it to be. The armor itself is a power that Khonshu blesses his Avatar with. It can be something as classy as a suit or something as intimidating as Marc’s bandages. Moreover, the character’s cape in the show is quite iconic and represents his dominion over the night. These new Moon Knight photos reveal the hard work of the visual and costume design department and we are thankful for their contribution.


The final iteration of the costume in the show is absolutely stunning and we could not have asked for more. We hope that we get an upgrade for when Lockley wears the ceremonial armor in Moon Knight season 2.

What are your views on these new Moon Knight photos? Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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