How The Gods in Moon Knight Connect With Black Panther’s God

Moon Knight season 1 finale just premiered on Disney+ and things seem to have heated up in the past few days. Not only was Ammit released from her ushabti, but things took a turn for the worse when the Alligator Goddess almost overpowered Khonshu. It was only in the middle of a Blackout that Moon Knight was finally able to beat Harrow and seal Ammit in a mortal form forever. All of these Gods’ appearance in the MCU has complicated things, to say the least. We have no idea how Moon Knight connects to the MCU for starters. Also, with Bast’s connection to the Ennead, many fans wonder how the Gods in Moon Knight connect with Black Panther’s God. Let me try to explain the situation as best I can.

You see, in the comics, Bast the Panther Goddess is a part of the Egyptian Ennead. She is a founding member of the organization and an active participant in their going on. The Goddess Tawret even mentions the ancestral plane while trying to explain the organizing principle to Marc/ Steven. So it seems that these Gods hail from the same place. Maybe Bast lives alongside other Gods in the Overvoid and chooses to interact with her Avatar only through the Ancestral plane in the MCU. It is also possible that she no longer has an interest in Egypt. She was the one who gave Wakanda the gift of the heart-shaped herb, so we can be sure that she wants a powerful Avatar.


Gods In Moon Knight

Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo sat down with Direct and was asked the same question. He had this to say,

“We talked a lot in the room about where the Egyptian Gods sat alongside other gods in the Marvel Universe, and ultimately we kind of came to this conclusion that part of what’s fun about Moon Knight, and I think something I’ve been seeing people really like, is it really does feel like it sits in this very scary corner of the MCU that no one wants to look at. Which is kind of where Moon Knight has always existed as a character.”


He continues,

“Like, he protects the travelers of the night, the people who fall through the cracks, the people who are in alleyways, and the people who are forgotten and overlooked. So we kind of always pulled back from getting too into our heads. I think about, you know, has Bast and Odin and Khonshu ever thrown back pints on Titan, and been like, ‘That Thanos!’ It was always just really focusing on how to make the Egyptian Gods work in Marc Spector’s story and then making sure that they were never in a place where we were really upending any continuity issues with the MCU.”


Gods in Moon Knight

[laughs] You have to wonder! You do have to wonder. I do like this question though, about like, Khonshu and Bast, because I have a cat—I’m an avid cat lover—who is literally sitting [across the room], and I feel compelled to say that cats always kill birds, so I’m just going to say that.” For those who don’t know, let me clarify. Bast is a part of the Ennead in the comics. It is not inconceivable for her to interact with the other Gods, it will just create a continuity issue if she does.


The Answer

A way to tackle the potential conflict is to not tackle it at all. An approach, that the writing team of Moon Knight employed with the show. There were small hints dropped of a potential Panther God to tip off the geeky fans but the rest of our journey was pretty straightforward. It seems that Moon Knight was about making a difference on a personal level no matter what the Gods did. We loved the show and we loved the ending too.


So, is the Black Panther God Bast connected to the Gods in Moon Knight in the MCU? The answer is maybe. It is something that intrigues even the writers so anything we say about it could only amount to speculation.

Let us know what you think about this connection between gods down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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