5 Comic Monsters That Could Appear In Thor 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been thriving recently with the release of Multiverse of Madness and the promotional activities for Love And Thunder kicking into high gear. We think that Thor 4 will bring with it a lot of brutalities. After all, the villain is named Gorr The God Butcher. It also makes us think about Thor’s other villains that we do not know about. We scoured the source material and discovered 5 comic monsters that could appear in Thor 4. Here, take a look and let us know if we missed any of the scary ones.


Captain Marvel Characters

The king of Muspelheim was destroying Asgard the last time we saw him at the end of Ragnarok. He may have moved on to other things now but we hope to see him again in Love and Thunder. His mighty frame and unbridled power can be a great asset to the heroes if they use it as they did on Hela. He is a true monster of the sub-franchise, one that has destroyed Asgard more than once. We would love to see this rampaging monster in the ruins of Asgard, offering Thor a chance to restart the Ragnarok cycle.



Jane Foster Thor

Several monsters can be seen throughout the entire trailer. Taika Waititi has previously commented that he wants to create a live-action Marvel movie that closely resembles The Mighty Thor’s comic story. If we are to take that at face value then we can determine that Mangog might make an appearance by the end of the movie. Mangog is a monster born of all the malice and bad thoughts and lamentation against Asgard as a whole. The Mighty Thor gave her life in the comics to stop the rampage of this monster.



Blackheart is the son of Mephisto (the devil of the marvel multiverse) and one of the most powerful demons in this world. He has been a constant adversary of Thor in the comics and a live-action variant of him has already appeared in Ghost Rider. We would love to see this character make his debut in the MCU as the man behind the shadows in Love And Thunder. Maybe the God Butcher will make a deal with this devil and get the All Black Necrosword in exchange for his soul and life.


Midgard Serpent

Everyone who knows anything about Thor knows that the Midgard serpent is his greatest adversary in classic mythology. The Midgard Serpent and Thor once fought to a standstill. There has never been a clear winner in their battle no matter how powerful Thor might get. Moreover, it is said that the Midgard serpent is the son of Loki and hence is a giant. Thor is the mightiest slayer of giants in Norse mythology. Bringing this monster into the MCU would be a very fun movie. We would love to see the battle between this crazy monster and Thor himself.


monsters that could appear in Thor 4

It is possible that it is this battle that pushes Thor to his final limits to achieve the status of King Thor and attain the Odinforce. Though we are not sure if even the Odinforce is capable of killing the Midgard serpent. It is said that the serpent is as big as the world itself. Hence, there is no killing the serpent unless the world goes with it.



Ulik belongs to the race of Rock Trolls in the comics who live below the surface world of Asgard. These people were driven underground by Odin. They harbor an innate hatred for the Asgardians as a result of this. Ulik is their greatest warrior and their King’s blade. he has appeared numerous times in the comics and this monster has bested Thor in combat more than once. He possesses the duster gloves, which are made of Uru metal, and the ability to go berserk. This berserker ability has allowed him to take the upper hand in a battle with Thor numerous times. We hope that we can see the same intense battle in Love And Thunder.


These were the monsters that could appear in Thor 4, What are your views on it? Let us know about your views down in the comments.

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