3 Ways Doctor Strange 2 Fails Iron Man Big Time

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is chock full of characters that have put themselves on the line to save the world. Everyone here has made the sacrificial play. Hell, it is considered their day job to do the right thing. However, not all heroes are born the same. Some are destined to succeed where others failed, and some are destined to be remembered while others fade into obscurity. We had always thought that Iron Man landed staunchly in the first category, but it seems that Multiverse of Madness wants to lump it in the second one. This is concerning, to say the least. Who would want to sully the reputation of Tony Stark? Let us examine the 3 ways in which Doctor Strange 2 fails Iron Man.

Ultron As Illuminati In 838

In the original MCU, things were going pretty well until Avengers got their hands on the mind stone. Things took a turn for the worse as Tony began focusing his attention and paranoia on extracting the power of the stone. He did this by creating a 3D model of the stone and figured out that it functioned more like a brain than anything else. Tony saw that the mind stone was the mind itself and so he figured that it might be a good idea to create a replica of it and give it shape. This is what led to the creation of Ultron in the MCU. But it did not stop there. The AI that was supposed to protect us went completely berserk and tried to kill all of humanity.


Doctor Strange 2 fails Iron Man

But it seems that the Ultron of Earth-838 is better behaved when compared to our own. However, even though Ultron exists in this universe there is no mention of how and where he comes from. Fans presume he was the creation of Superior Iron Man, but even that character is nowhere to be seen in the movie. It is quite strange to theorize about the implications of the presence of Ultron bots and then to get stiffed in the movie. Raimi did not even think it necessary to explain to us where the sentinels come from, much less name drop Iron Man as the creator.


Illuminati Has No Iron Man

Doctor Strange 2 failed Iron Man big time when it decided to not put the character in the Illuminati. Anthony Stark is one of the most important characters in The Illuminati as they exist in the comic universe. The Illuminati is a group of people who are willing to do what needs to be done. Iron Man was one of the first few people who saw the need for such an organization within the confines of the Marvel comicverse. The Illuminati did some heinous things in the comics, even destroying several other universes to make sure that Earth-616 ( the comicverse) survived against all others. It was a strange organization and Stark was as much a part of it as he was of the Avengers. He was a founding member and not including him on the roster is a great disrespect.


Not The Only Way

One of the running themes of Doctor Strange 2 is the fact that giving away the time stone was not the only way to defeat Thanos. Raimi starts off the movie like that. He gives Strange every opportunity to doubt himself. But the character refuses to account for his mistakes. This is a setup for a small redeeming moment at the end of the movie. But the point Raimi was trying to make was, that there were other ways to defeat Thanos. Stark did not have to lose his life to put the Mad Titan down. But there were reasons beyond the MCU that led to RDJ and the studio killing Iron Man off.


Still, if we are to consider the in-universe explanation then it can be seen that The Illuminati defeated Thanos on Titan as a combined force. So it follows that if Cap and Tony had solved their problems before Infinity War then things might have been different and the blip would never have happened.

Do you also think that Doctor Strange 2 fails Iron Man? Let me know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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