The True Intentions of Moon Knight Villain Arthur Harrow Revealed?

Moon Knight has finally made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the first episode already out. The series focuses on the titular character and there are certain elements of the villain that we also get to witness here which will certainly be an essential part of the narrative of the series. There was a lot of confusion regarding the type of villain that the show was going to have. A lot of rumours were spread regarding the character that Ethan Hawke was portraying in the series and these rumours were put down with the first episode. It seems that a new Moon Knight theory might have some clarity regarding the true intentions of the Moon Knight villain:

Moon Knight

The series made its premiere on the Disney+ platform last week with much excitement from the fans. It was surprising to see that the first episode featured almost every element that was being hinted at in the trailer. There was a lot of confusion regarding the character of Arthur Harrow played by Ethan Hawke in the series. Even though the name was taken from Marvel Comics, there was a difference in the way the character was developed and featured in the show. The creators made their own changes to the character and he seems to have some powers in the series too.


When Steven Grant has the nightmare, we get to see him come across Harrow, and there he appears to be a cult leader. The character has followers all around him and he was able to identify Grant very easily. He asks for the scarab from Grant only to bring Spector to the play and beat Harrow’s men who tried to grab the scarab from him. Later, Harrow comes to Grant’s place of work in the museum and uses his powers to summon a monster who goes to attack Grant. It was interesting to see that the episode starts with the character of Harrow using the pain theory that his version in the comics uses.


Harrow’s Mythological Connection

Moon Knight villain

The series is heavily influenced by Egyptian mythology as the character of Moon Knight is itself tied to the moon deity Khonshu. But we discovered that the character of Harrow is tied to the Egyptian creature known as Ammit or Ammut. The mythology of this figure suggests that it devoured those found unworthy when Anubis, the deity of death and rebirth would weigh a soul on the scales of Ma’at. According to mythology, Ammit was part lion or leopard, part hippopotamus, and, interestingly enough part crocodile. Harrow himself gave some insight into the creature when he was explaining how Ammit was betrayed by “fellow indolent gods” and “even by her own avatar.”


There is a clear chance that Harrow is actually a combination of elements from both Ammit and Anubis. Earlier in his appearance, we see him carrying out the judgment of Ammit in the modern-day. At the same time, he was himself doing the weighing, which was something that was done by the death and rebirth deity, Anubis. Anubis actually appeared in Marvel Comics and he was involved in Marc Spector’s death paving the way for him to become Moon Knight. Harrow might be intending to become someone more than just an acolyte of the Egyptian gods. New episodes of Moon Knight come out every Wednesday on Disney+.


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