Moon Knight Episode 2 Answers Whether He Survived The Blip

The events of the Infinity Saga continue to have a massive impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anytime a new character is introduced, fans are left wondering about how this character was affected by the end of the Infinity Saga. Even though their latest project with the Disney+ series Moon Knight is trying to be an original arc away from the MCU formula, it is still a part of the franchise. This means that the series is riddled with hidden details regarding the franchise and fans have managed to find a few of the details. It seems that the latest detail in Moon Knight episode 2 might have indicated the status of Moon Knight during the ‘blip’.

Moon Knight

The creators of the latest Disney+ series have indicated that one isn’t required to be aware of the MCU in order to watch the series. This is an interesting move considering the series marks the live-action debut of the celebrated comic book character. This allows for the narrative to avoid certain patterns fans have gotten used to when it comes to the franchise. But a few details can never be left out and they will continue to occupy the corner of our minds. This is none other than the status of Marc Spector or Steven Grant during the event of the five-year blip.


The past few shows have been quite clear about the status of the characters during the blip. Hawkeye indicated what happened during the blip as the titular character had taken the mantle of Ronin and was going around killing certain criminals. Florence Pugh’s Yelena wasn’t actually the lucky one in this case as she was also annihilated during the blip as was revealed around the end of the series. Fans have been wondering about how Moon Knight will link with the rest of the MCU and one of the most essential factors has to be the blip. Now it seems we might have an answer regarding the status of the character during the events of the franchise.


Moon Knight’s Status During The ‘Blip’

In the second episode of Moon Knight, we see that Steven Grant is coming to terms with his other personality. Steve ends up exploring the other personality’s identity, which leads him to quite an interesting discovery. He ends up going into Marc Spector’s storage locker where most of his belongings and illegal things might have been kept. As he goes through the various things present in the locker he comes across a duffel bag. Grant opens it and it consists of a lot of cash and even a passport. A rather essential detail is dropped in this passport that might answer a big question for the fans.


Moon Knight episode 2

The passport has an essential detail as it is printed on it that the document was issued on December 14, 2018. Thanos’ snap occurred in mid to late 2018 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. Since Spector acquired his passport at the very end of the year, he clearly managed to survive the Blip. It’s quite possible that the details on Spector’s passport were fake but the two agents used the passport to find more about Spector earlier in the episode. This could mean that Khonshu might have revived Spector in either 2018 or 2019.


Based on these details we are quite sure that Spector has been operating as Moon Knight for quite a long time. The character mentions that himself and it is assured because if the series is set in 2025 then Spector has actually been doing this for a long time. This means that there’s a lot that we don’t know about the character that might have happened during the period of the blip. The series might explore this going ahead with flashbacks, which was a part of a few of the past shows from last year. New episodes of Moon Knight will premiere on Disney+ every week.


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