10 Movie Franchises That Never Won An Oscar

When the awards season comes there are a number of projects that are completely looked over. Fans of these projects are certain that these franchises deserve some recognition, but hardly ever does that happen. There are various projects over the years that have been received critically well or were a box office success but failed to do the same when it comes to the success they should have gotten in the awards season. Let’s take a look at some of the major movie franchises that never won an Oscar:

Die Hard

Action Movie Franchises

While most of the franchises here are a lot more different than these movies, nobody can deny that Die Hard is an awesome series of movies. Over the years a variety of takes have been done in the movies with each sequel turning out a different result. In recent years, things have gotten a lot worse and it is quite clear that the franchise is dead now. But no one can deny that the earlier entries into the movies had some of the best action moments that are going to stick around for a long time to come. Each movie has some action sequences that are definitely in need of some sort of recognition.


The Before Trilogy

The Before Trilogy had a narrative that the Oscars and other such award shows generally go for. Everything about the movies, from the performances to the individual tones of the movies with the brilliantly written scripts is something to be recognized. It is hard to imagine that each entry in the franchise has a certain time period of difference between them because they end up justifying the bond between the two main characters. Even though the two sequels managed to earn a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, neither of them actually ended up winning one.


The Planet Of The Apes Prequels

Oldest And Longest Running Franchises

Before The Batman, Matt Reeves managed to give us the prequel trilogy to The Planet of The Apes. These movies had some of the best visual effects that fans of the original franchise could have expected to see. There was massive praise for the acting of the cast involved in the movie too. The movies were essential in proving that there is an essential part of the movie that comes from the performance given in the motion capture for the movie. This allows the audience to get some of the most authentic character arcs and at the same time, it makes the unreal elements something that ends up having a lot more depth.


How To Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon ended up being the surprise hit with a very original take on the arc that most of these animated projects go for. This included the kid being in a circumstance where he ends up doing the unusual to prove his worth to the world. While the first film seemed like the end of the arc, the sequels were equally praised by the fans and these projects actually got a completely new appreciation for the titular dragons. Even though the themes of each of the movies might be quite the same, the same cannot be said about the way the story is brought to the audience.


The Fast And The Furious

Over the years we have gotten to see more and more entries to the Fast & Furious franchise. Each year a new entry shows up smashing the box office numbers and giving us a story that is too far-fetched. There have been a lot of interesting entries to the franchise with some of the major stars joining in and getting a permanent place in the franchise. Even though it has been announced that the franchise is going to end pretty soon, it won’t be surprising to see the movies getting some recognition. While the first few entries had poor critical reception, they were quite popular and the latter part has remained as the critical acclaim has increased somewhat.


Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise began around the same time as Lord of the Rings and they even have some similarities. But if we talk about the awards then LOTR managed to gain massive recognition with various elements of those movies getting a variety of praise. The projects even have some of the most awesome moments when it comes coming to age with the franchise showing us how a trio of characters amongst a variety of others are growing up. It is quite hard to believe that these movies didn’t manage to get any awards yet but they did have an interesting amount of impact on the generation.


The Hunger Games

Movie franchises that never won an Oscar

Following the massive book-based franchises, Hunger Games also followed the formula. The movie had a well-received performance from Jennifer Lawrence along with a cast of characters that are hardly seen coming together. Even though the movies aren’t very well received amongst the fans of the books, they did have a cultural impact that cannot be denied.


Iron Man

It is hard to believe that 2008 saw the beginning of one of the biggest franchises in the history of cinema. This is none other than that Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man paving the way for this world of characters. Iron Man is considered amongst the best of the MCU movies and yet the franchise of Iron Man’s solo adventures has not fared well in the awards season.


The Avengers

The awards season has been quite harsh when it comes to the Marvel franchise as the movies only get nominations in the effects category. Even though this category is something the franchise excels at, one can never deny the amount of cultural impact this franchise has had. There were a lot of times when the actors involved spoke about the movies getting awards recognition but it never ended up happening.


Mission: Impossible

If there’s one franchise that has been consistent with its massive action sequences, it has to be the Mission Impossible franchise. With two more projects slated to release soon, the franchise has had a massive win with the audience. It would be interesting to see if the recent critical success of this franchise does end up having an effect on the movies getting proper recognition in the awards season.

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