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The Final Morbius Trailer is Out and it is Legit Fun!

Sony just released a new Morbius trailer, and this time, it’s the last one. At least, that’s what they say in the thumbnail. The trailer’s editors had to walk a very narrow path to reveal enough stuff to get fans excited but not too much that it spoils the movie. While many people are mocking Sony for releasing multiple trailers and TV spots, we think that it is helping in keeping fans on their toes. If you haven’t had the time to check out the final Morbius trailer, then click on the play button below:

Following the huge success that was Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony is now marketing yet another Spider-Verse movie. Morbius features a doctor, who is so desperate to cure himself, that he starts seeking mythical stuff. After some twisted research, Doctor Michael Morbius ends up infecting himself with Bats’ venom. The venom cures him but raises a monster from within him. The monster allows him to fly, sense preys through walls, and more nasty stuff. Now the movie follows him as he tries to figure out a way to suppress his monstrous tendencies while also living his life as Dr. Michael Morbius.



The trailer opens up at the boat or submarine where Morbius hunts down the guards who are sent to contain him. The scene draws its inspiration from a sequence from Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. Ordinary people with guns trying to capture the anti-hero, but the hero is too smart for them. You know, regular superhero stuff! However, this new trailer gives more screentime to this sequence, revealing more breathtakingly violent scenes.


Final Morbius Trailer

The new trailer seems like an overcompensation by Sony as they have already revealed most of the stuff in the new trailer. After releasing a teaser, 2 trailers, and multiple TV spots, what do you expect? But the new trailer teases the extent of CGI effects the developers went to, to make the movie more believable. We can see him starring in the face of misery as the bats go through him. Then the trailer shows us the true face of the monster within Michael Morbius. Followers of this movie have seen this look multiple times in almost all of the trailers and the TV spots. But it never gets old! Here, have another look.


But what stole our breaths in the trailer was the last thing we saw in the trailer. We see Morbius going through the armed guards as Drax goes through the Sakaarians. He uses his new abilities to move way too fast for a normal human to kill one of the guards. The editors use the evergreen effect of slow-motion to perfectly capture the inhuman nature of the Vampire that fans are dying to see.



Other than the slow-motion killing shot, we see Morbius using his already-seen powers in some quick shots. By the looks of it, Morbius can fly, jump quite higher than a normal human being, RADAR abilities and the probable ability to communicate with bats, are some of his regular skillsets. And he seems to be using them when he goes out to hunt. The trailer also hints at the consequences if he starves himself. Spoiler Alert: he could die! But this is the dilemma we want to see him go through in the movie.


Final Morbius Trailer

Morbius hits the theatres near you on April 1, 2022 (and March 31 in some luck countries). Do not miss the chance to check out the movie from the Studios that brought us No Way Home and Venom. And not Venom: Let There Be Carnage! It might be best if stop now. 🙂

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