Marvel Heroes Figured Out A Way to Put Thanos Permanently, Thanks To His Venom Symbiote!

The newest version of Thanos, the Poison Thanos, was all but indestructible. That was until he joined with a symbiote alien. The Venom symbiote brought out great power in him, but along accompanied a weakness. And the Marvel Heroes fighting him, the X-Men, figured out a way to exploit this weakness to put Thanos down. And for good this time. Keep up with this post to find more about this.

Since his first appearance in Iron Man #55, he has appeared multiple times in multiple issues of the Marvel comics. With a deviant gene in his DNA, he is one of the cruelest and most sister creatures in the comics. He has committed some of the direst crimes in the pages, and the heroes have put him down multiple times. But with his close connection with the Death herself, he came back every single time. Except that this time, we think that a group of heroic characters, the X-Men, have finally found a way to put him down once and for all.


This all started with the Poisons, introduced in 2018’s Venomized event. The Poisons are an alien species, much like the symbionts, who use a host to do their bidding. Very much like the symbiotes, the Poisons can not survive without a host. However, they can control the symbiotes so that gives them the upper hand. In this reality, the Poison Queen uses Thanos’ love for death to trick him into becoming a host to the Poisons. She first controlled a Venom symbiote that helped her take over Thanos. The Poisons-Venoms infected a whole army of Marvel heroes and made Thanos lead them against the forces of the Earth. It was upon Venom and the X-Men to save the Earth from them.



Marvel Heroes

Thanos is pretty indestructible on his own. And with a team of superheroes under this command, the Earth was doomed. However, it was not like they were invincible. The Poisons are given this name because they tend to kill their host over time. So, it was about time that their reign ended. But well before their reign even began, Jean Grey defeated them single-handedly by killing the Poison Queen. With the queen dead, her pawns fell one by one.


Though it was as cool as it sounds, it revealed a bigger detail that many didn’t realize by now. Thanos was indestructible, because of his power and skillsets and his relation with Death, but when the Poison bonded with him, it gave him a weakness. So, if someone can make Thanos vulnerable to something, he can be put down without many casualties. Thanos might return every time but he can be out down again too. You have to understand what that means for the future of the Marvel comics.


Marvel Heroes

Although this is not the first time someone will use this technique. The Vampire Hunter, Blade, had a pretty sick way to defeat his opponents. He used to turn them into vampires and then kill them using any of the vampire-killing stuff like wooden stakes, garlic, and much more in his arsenal. But this doesn’t mean that they will have to turn Thanos into a vampire every time. They have tons of parasitic beings or infections that can render Thanos vulnerable. But it will take the fun away from seeing the Heroes fight Thanos.


Let’s see how things go. We’d also love for Thanos to return in the MCU briefly. What do you guys think about that? Let us know in the comments.

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