Endgame Teased Why Starfox Will Become an Avenger

Starfox made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut with the post-credits scene for Eternals. There is a lot of confusion regarding this appearance as fans are wondering how this will work out for the franchise. The character has been a part of the Marvel Universe for a long time and there is an interesting arc that links him to Thanos. Since the movie suggested that Starfox is an Eternal, it just goes to show that the Mad Titan himself is an Eternal too. But Harry Styles’ Starfox might actually be taking the good side like his comic book counterpart. The events of Avengers: Endgame might have indicated why Starfox will become an Avenger in the MCU.


In a rather interesting turn of events, fans got to witness some of the craziest post-credits scenes with Eternals. Even though the movie ended up having a divided response from the audience, it teased a lot about the future of the MCU. The mid-credits scene for the movie showed the origin story for the Black Knight as Dane Whitman was about to wield the Ebony Blade. This scene also consisted of a voice cameo from Mahershala Ali’s Blade as the character is also set to appear in his own solo venture. The end-credits scene revealed that Starfox and Pip the Troll were a part of the universe.


Thanos Marvel Comics Infinity Gauntlet

Pip the Troll introduces Starfox as the brother of Thanos and fans are excited if this will be explored in the future. But there was no indication about when we would get to see the character appear again in the franchise. In an interview with ET during the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige stated:

That was a fun one…that was a fun teaser tag at the end of the movie. We have a lot of fans-outside the studio, of course-but within the studio, of Starfox, of that character, Eros. So as the MCU has continued into the cosmic arena, there are ideas.


Starfox’s Future In The MCU

There is a lot to explore about the character in the future as he has a lot of material from the comics. These post-credits scenes have clearly indicated that Starfox will definitely have a major role to play in the future MCU installments. Even though it is not known when we will get to see the character again, we can be sure that he will have a major role in saving Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos from the Celestials. While this might be the case based on what we saw so far, fans might not know but he was one of the many candidates to join the Avengers. There is a chance that this might end up happening in the MCU based on an indication from Avengers: Endgame.


Why Starfox Will Become an Avenger

The reason for Starfox joining the Avengers is linked to the activities of his brother Thanos around the end of the Infinity Saga. We saw that Thanos was killed during the Endgame and this would clearly make the Avengers legends across the universe. The way Thanos is presented in both the movies and the comics is a clear indication of the fact that the reputation of Avengers would make Starfox respect them. This would clearly pave the way for the hero to join the Avengers and add to his list of accomplishments that Pip the Troll was talking about while introducing him to the Eternals.


Why Starfox Will Become an Avenger

The chances of Starfox joining the Avengers in Avengers 5 fits very well with the arc of the character from the comics. It would be interesting to see how he works with the other character and at the same time uses his powers to save the universe from threats. With his powers like the Eternals, he might be one of the most powerful additions to the Avengers in recent years.

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