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20 Times Fans Were Pissed Off For Still Not Getting Thor 4 Trailer

Thor: Love And Thunder release date is very near and still we haven’t gotten any trailer yet. Fans are angry with the Marvel studios for not releasing Thor 4 trailer. Check out these pissed fan reactions for not getting the Thor 4 trailer yet:

1. I Don’t Think I Will!


2. Very Unexpected!

3. Seriously!


4. Waiting!

5. Launch It Already!


6. Literally!

7. Interesting!


8. Oh God!

9. Lol!


10. Seriously!

11. Exactly!


12. Where Is It!

13. Obviously!


14. Still No Trailer!

15. I Want It!


16. Actually!

17. Distract Us!


18. No Nothing!

19. How Is It!


20. Bring It Already!

Did you like these angry fan reactions for not getting the Thor 4 Trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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