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10 Things The Batman Got Totally Right (Why The Batman is Perfect!)

A whole new rendition of Batman is already here. The caped crusader has has numerous interpretations over the years and each one brings its own elements of excitement. It is interesting to see that The Batman also explored certain things about the character in a completely different manner than we could have expected. There has been a lot of hype around this movie and there are even reports of a sequel already being taken into consideration. The first few responses to the movie have been quite positive and that makes sense considering the movie actually is a new take on Batman. Let’s explore the things that Matt Reeves nailed with his new movie and see why The Batman is perfect, or at least close to perfect.

Addressing Mental Illness

Fans of the caped crusader are well aware that Batman might be suffering from some kind of mental illness. Becoming Batman was actually a means of him dealing with the unfortunate fate that his parents faced. Over the years there has been a rise in awareness of mental illness and people are much more open to talking about it. The movie actually addresses mental illness in more than one way. One of the most obvious ones was when we find that Bruce Wayne’s mother had spent some time in Arkham because of her mental health issues. This actually adds a certain interesting layer to the character of Batman and the arc that will be explored. Batman is not just an ordinary human wearing a bat costume, he actually has some demons in his head that he is continuously battling.


The Penguin’s Role Around The End

Just like most of the other movies around such characters, this movie actually sets up for a possible sequel. Right around the end of the series, we discover that Oswald Cobblepot has actually gained power and it will clearly be a major part of the narrative in the franchise. Ever since fans first saw Colin Farrell appear in the trailer for the movie, it became obvious that the actor will bring a whole new performance in the role. It is quite interesting to see that the character was given his chance to be hinted at and that only helps to set up his arc in the future of the franchise. This makes sure that the focus doesn’t shift from the primary antagonist with multiple villains appearing together.


Exploring Batman As A Detective

One of the most essential parts of Batman’s character is the fact that he is the world’s greatest detective. There have been elements of this persona that have been hinted at in past interpretations of the character but they were overshadowed by other larger elements. But this movie actually pays attention to the aspect of his detective work and him figuring out the works of the Riddler. The investigative element actually drives the plot forward with enough elements to not completely change the tone of the character. Batman works parallel to the police in his investigation and we actually get to see the process behind his investigative mindset.


The Massive Ending

Why The Batman is Perfect

Ever since its release, there has been certain criticism that the movie isn’t as action-filled as fans might have expected it to be. This is because we generally expect a superhero movie to have some massive superhero elements that include massive cinematic sets and moments. But Matt Reeves had a different take on the character as he wanted to explore the transformation he goes through from the starting to the ending of the movie. The movie actually acts as a teaser to the world that we will get to see a lot more in the future of the franchise. Certain elements are kept at the minimum to keep the focus on the character of Batman.


Teasing Hush

Fans of Batman might have seen the similarity that the Riddler had in appearance with another Batman villains Hush. There was another tease for the character when ‘hush’ could clearly be seen popping on the screen when the Riddler is one of his sprees. The movie clearly tries to give the villain an arc that is quite similar to Hush and it makes us wonder if we will get to see that character appear separately in the future. It is interesting to see how elements of Hush have been perfectly fit into the Riddler to give him a certain depth.


No Kill Rule

There are a lot of interesting details that make Batman a lot more different than other superhero characters. The character has a certain policy when it comes to his enemies and how he deals with them. This is none other than the fact that the character doesn’t go for killing his enemies. There has been a certain confusion regarding this as the past few projects saw him breaking this rule. But things take a different turn when this rule is restored for the character in this interpretation. Not only that, we even get to see Batman stopping Selina Kyle from killing people. There were moments where we felt as though he has killed his enemy but then we discover that he has made sure that his opponent isn’t killed due to his actions.


Relationship Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon has an interesting role to play in the arc of Batman. We have seen the character actually have an essential role to play in past interpretations while at the same time some movies have not given him much importance. This movie actually gives an interesting role for Jim Gordon as his role in the GCPD ensures he keeps Batman away from the law. One of the particular moments sees Batman being surrounded by cops and Gordon coming along actually paves the way for the hero’s escape. Gordon actually is aware of the important role that Batman plays for Gotham and that is the reason he teams up with the character in order to eradicate crime.


Carmine Falcone’s Death

Why The Batman is Perfect

Since Oswald Cobblepot only had a small role to play, another villain Carmine Falcone took center stage. The character is given an interesting arc that was completely unexpected and has never been done in his interpretations before. There’s a major revelation that he is actually Selina Kyle’s father and at the same time, he was also the person behind the murder of Bruce’s parents. But things take an interesting turn when Falcone ends up being killed by the Riddler before Bruce could have thought about doing anything regarding the revelations of Falcone. It makes for a rather bold move in the narrative of the movie with the death of Falcone before Batman could’ve dealt with him.


Dark Narrative

Ever since the first trailer for The Batman was revealed fans were quite aware that this is going to be a darker take on the character. The teasers and trailers indicated that the story will be a lot more grounded than we might have expected. But there is one element of Batman movies that is once again implementer here. This is nothing but the fact that the iteration has a darker tone and it actually helps with the narrative. There is also a realistic element when we are shown some footage for the character in the movie. At the same time, the Riddler is actually a lot darker compared to what we have generally seen from the character in the past.


Graphic Novel Like Structure

Batman is a character that is renowned for having some of the most brilliant graphic novels we have ever gotten. The character is well explored in the comics with some of the most creative people writing them down. It was absolutely exciting to hear Robert Pattinson’s voice as the Dark Knight narrated as we went through Gotham. It feels like a kid talking about his hometown but that is actually the tone of the narrative as Batman is still young and getting used to the world around him. Later in the movie, this narration will get a lot better and we end up witnessing a narration that sets up the events. This is quite similar to the comics where fans used to read Batman talking about his town while going on his adventures.

So these are all the reasons why The Batman is perfect, or perhaps near perfect according to us.

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