10 Enchanting Facts About Encanto That Will Unveil The Magic!

Have you been singing ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ since you first watched Disney‘s ‘Encanto’? Well, you’re not alone! Disney’s latest animated film has left everyone mesmerized. With its gorgeous color palette and super catchy tunes, the film has become one of the most successful Disney films to date. The credit for the success of the film goes to the genius of Lin Manuel Miranda, who is famous for writing other hit musicals like ‘Hamilton’ and ‘In the heights’. Since, Disney’s Encanto has become a worldwide sensation, here are some lesser-known facts about Encanto.

The Color Schemes in the Madrigal Family

Colors play a huge role in Encanto and it is pretty evident in the color schemes for the Madrigals. For instance, both Pepa and Julieta’s family have a different color scheme that makes it easier to identify them. Julieta and her family are dressed in shades like blue, purple, and turquoise, while Pepa’s family wears warm colors like yellow, orange and red. Also Bruno wears green which is a mix of blue and yellow and a subtle hint at being the middle child.


Bruno Was Originally Named Oscar

Can you imagine Bruno being called by any other name? Neither can we! Well, surprisingly Bruno was originally called Oscar but the writers later changed the name. Another character that initially had a different name is Camilo. The writers named him Carlos during the early stages but later settled on Camilo due to his shapeshifting abilities that remind you of a chameleon.


Pepa Was Supposed to Have a Different Gift

Facts About Encanto

Out of the three Madrigal triplets, Pepa has the most powerful gift which can sometimes turn into a curse for her. However, the writers initially took a different route with Pepa and made her indestructible. Later, they felt that this power was too similar to Luisa’s and decided on giving her the ability to control the weather.

Mirabel is the First Disney Lead to Wear Glasses

This might sound surprising, but Mirabel is the first lead Disney animated character that wears glasses. Also, her name has the word ‘mira’ which means ‘to look’ in Spanish. This symbolizes that Mirabel had a different perspective or outlook than other members of the Madrigal family.


Encanto Pays Tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Since Encanto is set in Columbia, the film gives tribute to the Columbian legend and beloved author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In his novel, ‘One hundred years of solitude’, Marquez has a character that is always followed by yellow butterflies. Encanto references the book through the yellow butterflies in the end and through some other major themes.


The Frozen Reference

Disney films have always been big on Easter eggs and there are always references to other Disney films. After reuniting with his siblings, Bruno suggests that Pepa should not control her powers too much and should indeed ‘let it go’. This is a direct reference to Frozen and draws a parallel between Pepa and Elsa. Both characters possess gifts that are connected to their emotions and they struggle to control them.


Surface Pressure’ was Inspired by LMM’s Own Sister

Facts About Encanto

As you know, the music of Encanto is a hit among audiences around the world. And one song that deserves more praise is ‘surface pressure’ sung by Jessica Darrow. This song is Luisa’s defining moment in the film and helps you understand her character better.

Lin Manuel Miranda got the inspiration for the song from his own elder sister. He revealed that the song was his love letter and apology to his sister who had to deal with much more pressure while growing up.


‘Dos Oruguitas’ is the First Song LMM Wrote Entirely in Spanish

Perhaps the most beautiful song from the film that has been nominated for the Academy Awards this year, is ‘Dos Oruguitas’ sung by Sebastian Yatra. And what makes the song special is not just the gorgeous writing but also the fact that it is the first song that Lin Manuel wrote entirely in Spanish!

Mirabel is the 13th Madrigal

Another interesting fact about the Madrigals is that Mirabel is the 13th member of the family. And since 13 is often seen as an unlucky number, it is a subtle nod at Mirabel’s fate of not receiving any gift.


Dolores Knew About Bruno All Along

Lastly, Dolores knew all along that Bruno never left the Madrigal house. During her verse in ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’, she reveals that she often hears the rats mumbling. This means she could always hear Bruno living in the walls. The reason that she never speaks up could be because she doesn’t want to cause conflict.

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