Wanda is Holding Doctor Strange Prisoner In This Scene?!

The new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer is out, and it has a ton of easter eggs. There are so many little details that one would need to rewatch it about a million times to get all the references. Sometimes these details are so subtle that following up on them seems like a stretch. One similar detail might be that Wanda is Holding Doctor Strange Prisoner in the orchid garden scene. Follow up on this post to find out why this reach seems valid.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the upcoming MCU movie where things will go out of hand. The movie, unlike other MCU movies, will be much darker, scarier, and creepier. While Spider-Man: No Way Home was just a teaser, this movie will be a full-fledged trailer to what the vast multiverse holds for us. The movie features two of the most powerful characters, Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Strange in the MCU roster drifting along with the wild corners of the multiverse. While many still refuse to believe this theory, Wanda might end up being the bad guy in the movie, leading to a clash of the wizards.


THE ORCHID SCENE (Wanda is Holding Doctor Strange Prisoner?)

In the MoM teaser, when Strange asks for Wanda’s help, the scene looks pretty normal. Strange cast a spell, it went awry, it backfired and opened the multiverse. So, naturally, he would go asking for Wanda’s help, especially after he knew that she would be at her peak powers after Westview. Although, when he visits her, she is at an orchid garden, peacefully plucking branches which some might say, she was a little too at peace for someone who just lost her kids and the love of her life.


However, the new trailer offers another shot that makes us doubt this teaser scene. According to Reddit user, u/LongjumpingTrainer38, this was a hoax, an illusion to fool the former Sorcerer Supreme. After her Westview maneuvers, she blamed herself for warping the reality and bringing many lives in danger. However, when she heard about Spider-Man and the destruction of the Statue of Liberty, she would have known it was Strange who would have pulled the wrong strings in the first place. After extensively studying the Darkhold, she knows the dark secrets of the Multiverse. She probably even knows the part of the spell that Strange got wrong.


Wanda knows how much her mind-controlling upset the citizens of Westview. Most of them hate her for what she did to them and their kids. And she would have been quite angry when she came to know that Strange messed with reality as well and got away with it. This perfectly explains her motivation to trap Strange. Plus, if she wants to go look for her children in the multiverse, it is understandable if she tries to imprison the second strongest sorcerer.



Wanda has been an experienced illusionist ever since her MCU debut. She even fooled some of the strongest minds of the universe, namely Thor and Hulk. However, for a long time now, she has not used this power. That was, until Westview. She improved upon her trick and instead of creating an illusion in one’s mind, she changed the reality for everyone. And after getting to know about the full extent of her powers, she can create even bigger hexes than Westview. She even used this trick when she was studying the Darkhold. She created a virtual model of herself, doing everyday chores, while she learns about her true powers. And at this stage, fooling a former Sorcerer Supreme doesn’t seem like a big deal.


Wanda is Holding Doctor Strange Prisoner

With Strange in a prison world, she can finally focus on getting her kids back. She despises Strange for getting away with messing with reality, that’s for sure. So if Strange is in one of her little traps, he is in there for a wild ride. And this ride, paired with the one waiting for him in the vast multiverse, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will be a very weird roller-coaster for Stephen Strange.

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