Thor 4 Merch Spoils A Battle With a Giant Monster

Thor 4 merch just dropped and there are major hints about the plot of Thor Love and Thunder that this new set is spoiling. This includes the costume designs of the movie’s villain and also the appearance of a giant monster. The toy set has fans excited because it hints at an older concept. I am talking about a storyline that was supposed to be a part of Infinity War but was eventually replaced by Thor’s quest for the Stormbreaker. Jörmungandr aka The Midgard Serpent was slated to appear in the movie but the giant monster was replaced by a giant ax with the power to summon the Bifrost.

The concept art for the said battle can be seen above. It seems that the alternate concept was somewhat similar to the final product. We would have seen Rocket, Groot, and Thor traveling through the universe and encountering The Midgard Serpent in hopes of gaining some new power. This journey may have triggered Thor’s powers in this alternate concept rather than just a weapon. After all, the weapons are just conduits, the power of thunder has always resided inside Thor himself. There is also a theory out there that the Odinforce/ Allfather force might have manifested inside Thor and it is responsible for this power-up. But let us not deviate too much from the main topic.


Thor 4 Merch

Instagram user  @The.Brick.Wolf leaked the new Lego set that is being released in promotion for Thor 4. This set, as shown above, depicts the scene where a large monster is attacking New Asgard. The set is even named “Attack on New Asgard” and features the three main characters of the movie including Gorr The God Butcher and the two Thors. But the set also has a big monster on the cover art which many thought to be The Midgard Serpent because of the previously discussed alternate concept. However, we don’t believe this is the Midgard Serpent.


Taika Waiti has previously shared that Thor 4 is inspired by The Mighty Thor series. Well, we think that the monster might be Mangog from The Mighty Thor #705. The horns and the teeth match but the bat wings on its head make no sense. Moreover, there is a chance that this monster might attack New Asgard at the behest of Gorr The God Butcher. Why is Gorr attacking the peaceful state and why is he targeting Thor is still unclear but we believe it has to do with the villain’s name itself. The God Butcher might have an obsession.


The Midgard Serpent is said to be undefeatable and Mangog is said to be the living embodiment of the hateful souls of the people wronged by Asgard and Odin. Both of these monsters cannot be defeated by simple means. They cannot be brought to their knees by brute force. In fact, Mighty Thor Jane Foster tried to do it in The Mighty Thor #705 and died a gruesome death just to put the monster in his grave. There is not much that even a God can do when fighting beasts with this kind of power.


The Future

We just hope that Valkyrie survives the initial assault by Gorr. Asgardians have seen a lot of loss of life in recent years. They have been driven away from their home in the stars and now live as refugees on Earth. These people cannot handle more loss and tragedy. They deserve better and their new queen deserves better. But it seems that the story of Thor 4 will take a very drastic turn. Whether it be Mangog or Jörmungandr, the battle will not be easy. Both Thors would have to unite their powers to succeed. They may even call upon the other heroes for help if there are any left.


Another interesting thing to mention is that the symbiote sword of Gorr can be seen clearly in the set. The only thing to see now is whether this sword will be a Klyntar in the movie or not. We think this might be a wonderful way to introduce MCU symbiotes. Let us know what you think down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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