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The Flash Should Pave The Way For A New Joker In DCEU

The DC Extended Universe has some of the most exciting projects set to come out this year, with a variety of solo ventures. Each solo venture will make for some interesting insight into the DCEU and the status of the characters. Out of all the projects, The Flash is going to make some significant updates on the status of the characters in the DCEU. Based on what’s been revealed so far, the movie might actually see a completely new actor taken on the mantle of Batman based on the multiverse. While it might see some changes in terms of the heroes, it could also make some updates with the villains. The Flash should use the multiverse to pave the way for a whole new rendition of Joker in DCEU.

The Flash

There is a lot of excitement regarding the upcoming The Flash from the DCEU. One of the primary reasons has to be the fact that this will be the first time we will get to see a project set around the character of the speedster from the comics. It will also feature the caped crusader not one but two renditions of him with both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton appearing as Bruce Wayne/Batman. With the movie set to utilize the concept of Multiverse, it could end up making some significant changes to the DCEU. That could be how Keaton’s Batman might end up taking the role in the DCEU.


The movie will see Ezra Miller’s Scarlet Speedster using his powers of time-traveling to a whole new level. We had witnessed Flash using his powers in order to change reality in Zack Snyder’s Justice League but that wasn’t actually canon to the DCEU. Based on the Flashpoint Paradox comics, we will see Flash trying to undo something from his past and that would only lead to consequences in his reality. This would pave the way for Keaton to reprise his role after 30 years as Flash visits Earth-89 for his continuity. The movie will also mark the last time we will see Ben Affleck as Batman.


The Flash Could Reboot The Clown Prince of Gotham

Ben Affleck had officially retired from the character and his final appearance was going to be during the reshoots for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But it seems that the actor will be playing the role one last time in The Flash. With Keaton also appearing in the movie and the actor again reprising his role in the upcoming Batgirl. This clearly indicates that he will be replacing Affleck in the role. It might not be the same version that we have seen in Burton’s films but it definitely is a reboot of the character of Batman in the DCEU. The same could also be done with one of his most significant archenemies – Joker.


Joker in DCEU

The most disappointing villain the DCEU according to the viewers has been Jared Leto’s take on Joker. The character didn’t even manage to have a proper appearance as he was given a small role in Suicide Squad. This could be changed by giving an update to the character just like Batman. Even though the character looks very much like his appearance in the comics but the other elements didn’t work for him yet. DCEU could make changes to the character or make a complete change to him by casting someone else in the role. This can include past actors or someone completely new.


While Jared Leto was criticized for his take on the role, Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson are considered amongst the best of the interpretations. Since Nicholson has retired it won’t be likely that DCEU would bring him back. A rather interesting candidate could be Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the role that is being considered the best in recent times. With a sequel to his movie already under development, we can see him being worked into the narrative of the DCEU for a one-time appearance.


The Flash will be released in theaters worldwide on November 4.

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