The Best Super Soldier of Marvel is Not Captain America. It is…

Captain America is one of the very first Avengers in Marvel Comics. When it comes to one of the most successful super soldiers in Marvel Steve Rogers stands at the top and with every new narrative, he proves his worth. The most essential part of his narrative was that he was a noble soldier before he was taken under the Super Soldier initiative. Ever since then there have been a lot of other Super Soldiers brought into Marvel Comics. Even the MCU has paved the way for a lot of other Super Soldiers who have had significant roles to play. But they never managed to topple Captain America’s place as the best Super Soldier that Earth has had. It seems that the best Super Soldier of Marvel is not Cap, but fellow Avenger Mockingbird.


Bobbi Morse has been working for SHIELD even before she managed to come to terms with her powers. The character was not given many highlights in the years following her short-lived solo title narrative was canceled. There have been various cases where the character has worked next to Hawkeye as both of them were considered to be the finest Agents. Later, the two would end up marrying for a while and they would continue to be associated together. She was even closely working in the Project: Gladiator that was backed by SHIELD in order to recreate the Super Soldier Serum that ended up creating Captain America.


In recent years, she would gain much popularity because fans had started wondering that she might actually be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This would actually be confirmed last year when fans would notice that Hawkeye hands his wife Laura Barton a watch with 19 embedded on it. That would be a clear reference to Agent 19, who was actually Mockingbird in Marvel Comics. But fans might not be aware that she is also a Super Soldier as that has been kept under wraps for quite a while now. Under dire circumstances that could have resulted in her death, two of her closest associates end up giving her the Super Soldier Serum.


New Avengers

New Avengers #13 would see Mockingbird under a massive change in her person and a strong power boost. There is an interesting build-up to this considering SHIELD does not generally allow for its agents to be experimented upon. In the issue, by Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato, and Howard Chaykin, she is severely injured due to an attack from H.A.M.M.E.R. leader Superia and is at the brink of death. It was Superia only who gets hold of an interesting mixture of the Super Soldier Serum with the Infinity Formula, which could be considered to be the Elixir of Life in the Marvel Universe.


best Super Soldier of Marvel

Doctor Strange manages to steal it back from her and the Avenger has a debate whether they should inject it on Mockingbird without her say. But before they could come to a decision, Hawkeye makes the movie and injects her himself. This way, he not only saves her life but actually ends up making her stronger and better than the first Avenger Captain America.


This serum hybrid was actually created by the Germans back in 1959 in order to proved Red Skull with their own Captain America. Right after the serum is injected into her, we discover that Mockingbird gains a lot of new abilities. Some of these are powers that we have to see Captain America possess too, like speed, reflex, and super strength. But at the same time, she manages to gain an enhanced healing factor and a prolonged life. The latter of the powers is something that Roger himself never had. Mockingbird stops physically aging completely and manages to recover from her injuries in a day.


best Super Soldier of Marvel

Fans might consider that Captain America is the best Super Soldier due to popular opinion. But the variety of the new powers that Mockingbird has, clearly makes her an interesting Super Soldier to look out for. There are hardly any discussions over Mockingbird being a Super Soldier. This could actually work if the character is given a solo run where we will get to see her using her powers.

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