Russell Crowe Joins Kraven To Play Yet Another Comic Book Character

Sony Picture has experienced great success last year with two of their most massive superhero project. The release of Venom: Let There Be Carnage followed by Spider-Man: No Way Home saw a great response from the audience. But the studio won’t be stopping here as they already have a lot more already under development. We are going to see their next project as a part of their Spider-Man Universe Morbius set to release soon. The next project in this universe would be Kraven The Hunter which will see the titular character get its first live-action interpretation. Russell Crowe Joins Kraven. Apparently, he will be a part of multiple Marvel projects as after playing Zeus in MCU, he’d be in the SSU as well.

Kraven The Hunter

Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is gonna have a lot of projects coming out in the upcoming years. One of the most exciting amongst them is the under-development project Kraven The Hunter. There are a lot of rumors making rounds about it considering there’s no clarity on how it will connect with the likes of Venom and the upcoming Morbius. Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been the only actor confirmed for the cast of the movie in the titular role. Other rumors suggest that we might get to see villains like Chameleon and Calypso having significant roles in the narrative. Fans of the MCU might remember Aaron Taylor-Johnson for playing the role of Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. While he might be an actor with past comic book movie experience, another major actor has joined this project who has some significant experience in this field.


Russell Crowe Joins Kraven The Hunter Movie

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe has joined the cast of Kraven The Hunter. He along with Aaron Taylor-Johnson are the only two actors who have confirmed involvement in the project. There is no clear indication of the role Crowe will be taking in the movie but according to the report, the movie will feature a lot of Kraven’s own family members. This will be the second Marvel project we will see Crowe appear in considering he is also set to appear as Zeus in the upcoming Thor sequel Thor: Love and Thunder.


Russell Crowe Joins Kraven

These are not the only comic book titles Crowe has worked in considering he appeared as Superman’s father Jor-El in Man of Steel. The actor’s performance in that role made some significant waves and it was well appreciated by the audience. It will be interesting to see him bring his brilliant acting chops to Marvel with multiple appearances. Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theaters worldwide on July 8. Kraven The Hunter has a release date set for January 13, 2023.


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