New Thor 4 Action Figures Reveal Suits And Spoilers

One of the other exciting Marvel Cinematic Universe projects is the upcoming sequel to Thor. While marketing for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has just begun, it would be long till we end up seeing any marketing for Thor 4. But considering it’s a Marvel project, fans are not leaving any chance for any detail to pass by them without it coming to focus. A lot of exciting details are making rounds for the projects and most of them are based on leaks. There are even interesting rumors regarding some of the other characters set to appear in the upcoming movie. The leaked Thor 4 Action Figures reveal some exciting details for the characters in the movie.

Love & Thunder

A lot of details are already making rounds regarding the upcoming entry to Thor. There is an exciting number of characters played by rather significant actors set to appear in the movie. We haven’t yet gotten a chance to see these characters in their proper costumes or how they would be appearing in the movie. There is a lot of excitement regarding Christian Bale’s MCU debut as the antagonist Gorr the Butcher in the movie. We can’t wait to see how he comes across Thor in the movie with his excellent acting chops and what he ends upbringing to the franchise.


But the other most exciting piece of information regarding the movie has to be the development of Jane Foster’s character. It was announced during 2020’s San Diego Comic-Con that Natalie Portman will be returning to the franchise following an absence. Not only that, but this time around she will end up wielding the Mjolnir and probably take the mantle of God of Thunder. Ever since this was announced, fans have been working on every single development the character will go added with her costume design. Promo art for the movie leaked how Jane Foster would look as she wields the Mjolnir.


Thor 4 Action Figures Leak Costumes & Powers

Toy company Tamashii Nations uploaded a new line of toys on their website that shows the Thor: Love and Thunder spoilers. The figures in the photos clearly resemble the characters Jane Foster and Thor himself. This appearance is actually quite similar to the character designs in the comic book narrative Mighty Thor from Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. The design for Jane Foster actually resembles what we had seen in the promo art leaked for the character. Even Thor seems to have undergone some interesting transformation based on these action figures since we last saw him.


An interesting spoiler has to be the hammer that Jane Foster can be seen wielding in these photos. The Mjolnir seems to be made of broken pieces with a lot of cracks visible throughout the hammer. It confirms the fact that it would be reforged from the pieces that were left-back during the events of Thor: Ragnarok. Who doesn’t remember when Hela crushed it with a single hand when Thor launched it at her. There is a chance that Foster might have managed to put the pieces back together and that might be one of the reasons why she also manages to end up wielding it in the movie.


Other than wielding the hammer, Jane can also control the broken pieces of the hammer according to one of the accessories. Jane’s costume is not much different from what Thor was seen wearing previously in the MCU. But an interesting addition includes the shiny new winged helmet along with the muscle mass. Some interesting developments can also be seen in Thor’s costume in terms of color. But this time around Thor’s costume looks a lot more inspired from the comics. We can’t wait to see these characters spring into action when the movie comes out.


Some other first looks that we haven’t gotten to see include Christian Bale as the villain and Russel Crowe as the Greek god Zeus. Even Valkyrie will undergo some significant changes in her costume based on the promo arts for the movie. Other returning characters include Lady Sif, who was last seen in a small cameo for the Disney+ series Loki. There has been a lot of confusion regarding her character and it would be interesting to see how she is brought back to the MCU.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released in theaters worldwide on July 8.

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